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How to Stop Your Puppy From Chewing On You

Biting and nipping are just two of the ways that puppies play and interact with each other. When a puppy becomes older and leaves the litter; however, it must learn that this type of playing is no longer acceptable. While it is important to realize that puppies have a need to bite on things, especi

Measuring Your Dog's Intelligence

Dog owners are often curious to find out how intelligent there dog is.Some research studies have been undertaken to evaluate the intelligence of specific breeds and some simple tests that purport to determine whether one's own dog is smart are also available.

Feeding a Dog - Why a Dog Feeding Schedule?

Feeding a dog on a regular schedule is just as important as the nutritional value of the food in his or her diet. Your dog's age, activity level and health should determine daily feeding times in order to maintain an optimal health routine.

Two Dogs For Twice The Fun

It can be difficult if you have a dog, but you have to be gone much of the time. Some dogs are well suited to being alone for much of the time. It doesn't bother them. Still other dogs have a hard time with it. They don't want you to leave, and occasionally bark or howl when they're l

Getting Rid Of Fleas The Right Way!

Fleas can be a very irritating pest to your dog. Regular medicines kill fleas effectively, but their efficacy and longevity are nowhere close to what you should expect and they do not prevent fleas from breeding. If you are looking for a medicine that exceeds expectations, then consider Comfortis, w

Dog Dominance and Dog Aggression - Which Is It?

You have heard of dog dominance, dog aggression, and perhaps even aggression dog dominance, but do you know the actual meanings and the difference between dog dominance and dog aggression?Lack of knowledge can have serious results, so here's help.

The Cost of Eye Surgery in Dogs

If your dog needs eye surgery, you are likely going to face a significant vet bill. Carefully select the veterinary practice that will perform the surgery. While you may prefer a certain doctor, sometimes other practices will do the same procedure for less money.

American Bulldog Health Problems

In terms of American Bulldog health issues, there are lots of potential conditions that can catch you and your dog unaware. The results can be both psychologically upsetting and expensive if they're not resolved quickly and effectively. Rather than addressing possible health complications as th

Natural Treatment for Kennel Cough

Kennel cough is a respiratory infection that affects dogs. It's very contagious. It's common for dogs in a kennel setting to come down with kennel cough. The typical symptoms are a dry cough with the tendency to cough up a white, foamy liquid. Dogs may also develop watery eyes and nose. In most case

Teacup Yorkie Breed Characteristics

A Yorkie Terrier ready for yorkshire terrier carrying a piece of wood image by svehlik from Fotolia.comThe teacup Yorkie breed isn't officially recognized by the American Kennel Club. However, this toy dog breed is becoming increasingly popular throughout the U.S. As is the case...

How to Keep Dogs From Scratching Hardwood Floors

Hardwood floors are made of natural wood. The floors are smoothed and finished for durability but easily damaged by sharp dog toenails. With the weight of the dog, even a small dog, on long toenails, deep scratches can mar the floors. Removing these marks is costly. It is easier to protect than repa

Providing Comfort Through Dog Pajamas

Yes, your pets deserve dog pajamas to have a more comfortable night once they sleep. Learn how to provide comfortable and affordable dog pajamas to your favorite pet.

How to Make Your Own Simple Dog Treats

Owning a dog can be expensive, what with food, toys, insurance, vet bills, buying new trainers after your dog ate your last pair etc. So why not save a little money buy making your own dog treats, its simple, we give you 3 fantastic recipes your dog will love!

How to Make a Bloodhound Stop Howling

Large scent hounds such as bloodhounds typically have gentle, laid-back dispositions and can make excellent family pets. Being a hound, however, makes them prone to howling, especially if left alone for long periods of time. Howling also can be triggered in dogs by high-pitched sounds such as sirens

Trendy Dog Sweaters in Markdown Prices

The cool breeze of Holiday season is near and now is the perfect time for your pets to switch to a pet clothing style that can provide them the warmth and affection needed during cold times. Find out great ideas for affordable trendy dog sweaters online!