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Meaningful Notable Moments, Or MnMs

Life is full of Meaningful Notable Moments, (MnMs) to be savored, rolled around on the proverbial tongue.If you are too tethered to the past, tied up in the present, or tensed about the future those MnMs can slip through your fingers.Yoga helps you become fully present in the moment so you can suck

The Right Clothes and Mats for Yoga

Yoga is founded on the belief that the mind, body and spirit can come together via meditation, breathing exercises and physical poses. That is why, together with constant practice, it is important to have the proper equipment to practice yoga, such as a mat and the right clothes.

Different Types of Yoga That Suits Your Needs

Yoga has been gaining popularity nowadays and many people are already considering the practice of yoga due to its health benefits. Are you one of the people who are having a hard time figuring out what kind of yoga that suits your needs and health condition? In this article, I will discuss to you va

Yoga of Maharishi Patanjali - The Vow of Ahimsa

What is ahimsa? In the Yoga Sutras, Ahimsa is the first of the contemporary Yamas (restraints). Quite often, you hear the definition: "non-harming" is the meaning of Ahimsa. You may also hear "non-killing" or "non-violence" applied to the meaning of this demanding Yama.

Could Yoga Exercises Favorably Effect an Individual's Blood Pressure?

Lots of individuals in the present day are afflicted by hypertension, or even high blood pressure. It is a very common happening which looks like it's going up in prevalence every day. This condition could get people at high risk for dangerous health difficulties, for instance heart disease and

Beyond Flexibility - The Health Benefits Of Yoga

To many, yoga is a great form of physical exercise that develops flexibility and strength. But it does so much more, and these hidden benefits can give us the insight, courage, and strength to develop a life in which we are truly fulfilled.

What Is Virtual Surgery and How Does This Benefit Patients?

If you're preparing for surgery of any kind, or if a loved one will be operated on, chances are good you're nervous - maybe even terrified. And the anxiety keeps building from the time you schedule the surgery until the moment the anesthetic starts to take effect.

History of Iyengar Yoga

Iyengar yoga is lauded for using yoga as a medicinal practice, bringing the body into total balance through the use of asana, pranayama and meditation. Founded by Belur Krishnamachar Sundararaja Iyenga, this form of yoga is uniquely focused on the precise alignment of the body during specific asana

Yoga Benefits for Stroke Survivors

Yoga has proven to be an effective type of therapy for stroke patients as it helps with both the physical and mental side effects of the stroke. There are many benefits of incorporating yoga training into a rehabilitation program.

Pilates and Yoga - A Combination With Proven Results

Yoga is a practice of postures intended to bring ultimate health and fitness to your whole body and mind. Pilates is a practice of core strengthening exercises. A good Pilates program will provide exercises that touch every muscle group in the body; building strength, flexibility and improving postu

Power Yoga: Your Choice for a Healthy Body and Mind

Power yoga combines classical yoga postures and meditation with stretching and strength training. Power yoga can give you a complete overall workout and calm your mind and spirit as well.

Namaste - I Bow to You

Literally translated, Namaste means, "I bow to you." The gesture goes much deeper than that though. To perform Namaste, we place our hands together (prayer pose) at our heart chakra, close our eyes and lightly bow the head. This is a deep form of respect.

Breathing Treatment For Natural Stress Relief

When you learn how to improve breathing and how to combine better breathing with meditation, you have found an excellent way to reduce stress and foster good health. Regular practice of this technique will lead to a reduced risk of contracting many of the common stress related diseases such as cance

Destination De-Stress!Newest Trend in Personal Wellness

Maybe were an aging society or maybe we're just all wising up, but personal wellness is becoming popular amongst the 50-something crowd.And, the latest trend in personal wellness is destination wellness retreats. This article gives you an sample of what's available in Italy away from the b

Types Of Yoga, Health Benefits Of Yoga, Yoga Benefits, Yoga Types

Get health benefits of yoga with types of yoga including Hatha yoga, power yoga, Ashtanga yoga, Raja yoga, bikram yoga, vinyasa yoga and sivananda yoga, pranayama, yoga asanas, yoga postures, restorative yoga classes, yoga for beginners, yoga training offered by Himalayan Yoga Institute.

Yo Teach! Yoga Teachers, That Is - Are You Creating Enough Time For You?

How many times have you had this conversation with yourself, Yoga Teachers?"Yeah, it counts as my own practice when I'm teaching 17 classes a week! Sure, I'm getting mine! Soon, I'll be able to cut away a little slice of my time for me. Somehow. But I have to pay my bills. I wish

Discovering Out the Right Pregnancy Yoga Video Clip That Suits Your Needs

Now that you are just pregnant, you may possibly be starting to pay a little bit more attention to your body system and over all your health. You might be thinking and considering things that have never crossed your mind before and which is okay due to the fact it's totally natural. The biggest