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Monuments in Caracas, Venezuela

Venezuela's long history is written in its monuments.bolivar image by thierry planche from Fotolia.comVenezuela is a tropical country located on the northern coast of South America. Caracas is the capital of Venezuela, and it also is the cultural and historic center of the country. Most...

Visit Argentina's House of Independence in Tucuman

The Declaration of Independence from Spain, Acta de la Declaración de la Independencia Argentina, was formulated and signed in this colonial house in Tucuman, one of Argentina's oldest cities, ion July 9, 1816. Today the home is revered as an historical site, and preserved as a museum and focal

The 3 Best Cheap Eats in Oslo

As the capital of Norway, Oslo has been one of the number one destinations for tourists for years. The city is increasing in it's population every year at an impressively high rate, which is great for local, affordable restaurants and diners. With the city being primarily surrounded by parks an

Cusqueña Beer

Cerveza Cusqueña is one of the most popular beers in Peru, and arguably one of the best domestic brews.

Isla Martin Garcia in the Tigre Delta

The Paraná River delta is a 14,000 square kilometer area where thousands of islands and inlets, water channels, rivers and backwaters form a sub-tropical wonderland about twenty miles northeast of Buenos Aires. An island in the delta, closer to the Uruguayan side of the river, was once a military ou

Juan Fernandez Archipelago

Off the coast of Chile, way off the beaten track, the archipelago was once home to Alexander Selkirk, the Scottish castway who spent four years there and became the basis for the novel Robinson Crusoe. With limited tourism facilities, the archipelago is still a draw for the historical connections an

Gay Clubs in Bergen, Norway

Don't worry if you are gay, there are many gay clubs, bars and restaurants that will ensure you have fully enjoyed your time here. Below are five of the best gay friendly places you can attend to enjoy your stay here.

Gentoo Penguin -(Pygoscelis Papua)

Cruise ships traversing the Antartic water passages often visit Deception Island in the South Shetland Island chain. The island was formed by a volcanic crater, and when part of the crater collapsed, seawater rushed in the caldera and created one of the largest natural harbors in the world. Enjoy th

MP Helsinki: Helsinki's Big Annual Motorcycle Event

MP Helsinki: MP Helsinki is the annual Motorcycle event that's popular amongst all Finnish and international motorcycle lovers. The MP Helsinki offers visitors motorcycles, accessories, and all kinds of motorcycle brands and customizations. Don't miss this event in late January in Helsinki

Sverresborg Castle in Bergen

Sverresborg Bergenhus Castle is a medieval fortress located in the city of Bergen, Norway. It was constructed and built in the 13th century AD, completed in 1261. The fortress is one of the oldest and best preserved architectural masterpieces in Norway.

Is Peru Safe?

Is Peru safe or should foreign travelers be concerned about the potential dangers? We take a step back and look at the real level of risk in Peru.

Chile's Fiestas Patrias

Chile's Fiestas Patrias celebrate Chile's independence from Spain and run for a week prior to the Dieciocho festivities on September 18, with regional activities such as the Pampilla de Coquimbo, Semana del Folclor, National Rodeo Championships and other events celebrating Chilenidad.

Iguazu Falls Closeup

Called Foz do Iguaçu in Brazilian, and Cataratas del Iguazú in Spanish, Iguazu falls are a top destination for visitors from all countries. These photos display only a portion of the grandeur and awe-inspiring nature of the which are taller than Niagara Falls, twice as wide with 275 cascades spread

The Best Hotels in Bergen, Norway

Thinking about getting a hotel in Bergen, Norway? Is your idea of great Norwegian accommodation a quality hotel with good nightly rates? Here are Bergen's best hotels.

Purnamarca Street

Emjoy the highlights of Jujuy in Argentina's northwestern Andean region, then tour the vividly colored Hill of Seven Colors at Purnamarca, the archaeological sites of Pukara de Tilcara and Santa Rosa de Tastil, and the scenic Quebrada de Humahuaca.

Interesting Places in Honduras

Though only slightly larger than Tennessee, the Central American country of Honduras offers multiple landscapes, from cloud forests to lush mountains to white sand beaches to ancient Mayan ruins. Once an "undiscovered" destination, Honduras is no longer a secret and is visited by an increasing numb