How to Find a Kill Spot for Hog Hunting

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Black Bear Hunting Safety

Black bear hunting can provide memories that can last a lifetime. But hunting black bears also can be dangerous, turning the excitement and memories into a nightmare. Following hunting regulations and using common sense can reduce your risk for injuries or death while hunting black bears.

The Best Way to Hunt Deer

Hunting--especially deer hunting--is an outdoor sport that can be enjoyed by many people.. Deer hunting has its rules, regulations and stipulations, but they are easy to learn and follow. Paying heed to the following tips will assure that you bag a trophy buck in no time.

How to Build a Turkey Call

Turkey box calls are small resonating chambers used to mimic turkey vocalizations. In the same way that rapid vibrations from a played violin string come together to create a long note, the rapid vibrations of the turkey box created by the pivoting lid across the curved sides come together to create

How to Make a Pair of Pants Out of Deer Skin

Animal skins were the original fabric for human clothing. Historically, deerskin clothing was popular with the Native Americans and trappers, because it was readily available and long lasting. Tanned deer skin -- so soft to the touch -- is an ideal fabric for a pair of pants. Because of its weight,

Deer Blinds Made Simple

Deer hunting from a blind does not have to be difficult. With so many strategies and approaches, it can feel as if there's a lot for a new hunter to grasp. Deer blinds can be broken down into three main categories: ground blinds, tree blinds and natural blinds. While the specific types may vary, the

Tree Stand Strategies for Deer Hunting

Landing a trophy deer isn't as easy as climbing to the top of a tree and waiting.deer image by Rade Cojbasic from Fotolia.comThere are four different types of tree stands: ladder, climber, hang-on and free standing. While each stand has its own advantages and disadvantages, the proper...

Deer Field Dressing Guide

Field dressing a deer is less fun than shooting a deer or eating venison, but it's no less necessary. Field dress the deer as soon as it's dead and recovered, since leaving it to sit undressed can contaminate the meat, especially if the GI tract is perforated. Make sure you have a sharp knife for th

How to Kill the Ticks on a Deer You Shot

You've shot your deer and you're now going to field dress it, but when you get to the animal, you notice that there are ticks crawling all over the deer. Ticks are nasty critters that can carry diseases, so getting the ticks off your deer is imperative for health reasons.

How to Hunt Deer by the Moon Phases

Fishermen have long used the phases of the moon and its effects on tides and breeding patterns of fish to increase their harvest. The effect of moon cycles is felt far beyond the sea, and its impact can be used to create more productive deer hunting trips as well. While there are many factors that i

How to Plant Food For Whitetail Deer

Photographers, hunters and nature-lovers all enjoy Whitetail deer, albeit for different reasons, and constantly strive to bring them closer to view. Planting a deer garden, or food plot, is one way to do just that. Whitetail deer are herbivores and feed on many types of vegetation, which you can pla

Homemade Deer Stand Plans

Manufactured deer stands can be costly, taking more out of your recreational budget than you can afford. You can cut costs by designing and building your own deer stands. This also allows you to customize the stand for your needs. Even if you are not a master carpenter, you can build a piece of equi

How to Keep Your Whole Body Warm While Hunting in a Tree Stand

Hunting in a tree stand requires staying in a stationary position for several hours at times. Many times, hunters get in their tree stands in the early hours of the morning when the outdoor temperature is at its coldest. A hunter shaking from the cold struggles to concentrate on listening for the so

Washington Hunting Property

The state of Washington is home to a variety of habitat that provides hunting opportunities for scores of big and small game animals and birds. From mountain forests to grasslands, Washington provides productive hunting property for resident and nonresident hunters.

New Jersey Crossbow Hunting Season

During the New Jersey Fish and Wildlife Council’s June 2009 general referendum, the council decided to expand its definition of "bow" to include crossbows, which were previously reserved only for hunters with a physically challenged hunting permit. This new definition allows for the use of cro

How do I Hunt Big Elk in Colorado?

Colorado has a large and widespread population of elk. Elk range from the eastern slope of the Rocky Mountains westward across the state to its borders. Most of the state is publicly owned, with miles of national forest that allow hunters access to the best elk habitat. Although big bulls can be fou

How to Butcher a Deer

Successfully bagging a deer is only the first step to actually bringing the animal home. Each deer hunter needs to develop basic butchering skills in order to make sure the meat is correctly preserved for human consumption. Read on to learn more.