How to Tie Musky Flies

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How to Get Rid of Algae Blooms in Aquariums

Algae is a living thing that can grow in fish aquariums when there is either too much waste in the water or the light levels are too high. While not particularly harmful to your fish, algae is often unsightly and can cloud the water. Left untreated, algae can spread into blooms that can clog filters

Ideas for Catching Catfish

Catfish thrive in waters throughout America, ranging from small ponds to the mighty Mississippi River. They offer an exciting fishing experience with the reward of tasty mild white meat that is ideal for many recipes. Anglers have a host of fishing methods when targeting catfish that live in the mud

Kayak Fishing Facts

Kayak fishing requires only basic skills for even the casual angler to enjoy. Using a kayak as opposed to a canoe has many advantages, and many anglers enjoy the freedom and exercise offered by kayak fishing.

How to Fish With Downriggers & Flashers

A downrigger is a device used in deep water fishing, consisting of a long horizontal pole supporting a large weight from a steel cable, as well as a release clip attaching a fishing line to the weight. The bait or lure used to attract the fish is then attached to the release. You may find it helpful

How to Determine the Line Weight for Bamboo Rods

Traditional fishing rods were made from a variety of materials, typically from river cane or bamboo because of the range of whipping action that the wood can handle. Bamboo rods are still used today by anglers, typically by those who enjoy fly fishing. The fly-line weight and rod weight are two fact

How to Get Starter Pokémon From Professor Oak on "Pokémon HeartGold"

At the start of each game in the "Pokémon" video game series, you choose a single "starter" Pokémon with which you begin your quest. In "Pokémon HeartGold," however, you have the opportunity to get a second starter Pokémon from Professor Oak, after you beat the game. To g

How to Make Seashell Figures

Whether you have extra seashells from a trip to the beach or want an activity you can do with the family, make seashell figures. They come in a variety of sizes and colors, making them a versatile material to use for craft projects. The hard exterior coating of seashells ensures that your craft proj

How to Be a Card Shark

Skill at poker and blackjack is impressive, and at a money game, it can pay huge dividends. Playing well requires a thorough knowledge of the rules, the ability to do quick math and, especially in poker, the ability to glean information about other players while revealing nothing about yourself.

How to String Chili Peppers

Strung chili peppers make a colorful decoration inside and outside the home. Listening to the seeds rattle around inside several dry chili peppers on a windy day also evokes a sense of home to those living in the Southwest. Create a chili pepper garland at home by stringing dried ancho, cayenne or C

How to Tie Multiple Hooks on a Dropper Rig

Dropper rigs are used by salt and freshwater anglers to present multiple hooks. Artificial lures, live and natural baits are used with dropper rigs, depending on the fish species and method of fishing. Fly anglers often present a dry fly and streamer, or a nymph combination with a dropper rig. The c

Fishing Grants

Fishing grants are beneficial to pros and amateurs alike.Dry fish on a dish in the form of a fish image by terex from Fotolia.comAccording to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, in 2008 more than 35,000 fishermen were employed in the United States. As well as the multitude of professional...

The Best Way to Catch Walleye on Table Rock Lake

If you enjoy fishing and live in Missouri or plan a trip to the state, visit Table Rock Lake for walleye fishing. In 1996, walleyes where introduced to Table Rock Lake. Over the years, the lake has produced trophy-size walleyes that average 15 to 20 inches in length and weigh up to 4 to 10 lbs. The

How to Catch Rainbow Trout in October in Minnesota

Many clear, deep lakes and mine pits in Minnesota have rainbow trout in them. In many instances, these lakes and mines are stocked with trout specifically for anglers to catch. The rainbow trout season in Minnesota ends at the end of October. By then the water usually has cooled enough to draw the f

Tips on Catching Largemouth Bass

Largemouth bass fishing is one of the more popular forms of inland freshwater fishing in the United States, as bass are large and aggressive fish who put up an excellent fight. They also are crafty, or perhaps just picky, about what types of lures or bait they will go after, making fishing for them

Rockfish Fishing in Chesapeake

Rockfish is a prized gamefish better known as Striped Bass or Stripers. For a variety of reasons they nearly disappeared from the Chesapeake Bay in the 1970s and '80s. A private-public effort begun in the '90s restored Rockfish to record numbers in the Chesapeake, which shares its shorelines with M

How to Put a Fishing Line on an Open Face Reel

Putting new line on your fishing rig every year helps reduce the chance of broken line, tangles and the frustration of letting a hooked fish get away. You should also replace the line anytime it shows signs of wear. Run it through your fingers feeling for kinks or sharp bends. Coils and nicks in the

How to Catch a Muskellunge

Muskellunges -- also known as muskies -- are the largest fish in the pike family. Typical of all pike, they are ferocious predators and will eat almost anything that moves. Anglers prize muskies for their incredible fight at the end of a line and their firm, tasty meat. People concerned with eating

The Best Rods for Throwing a Big Bait

"Big" bait is relative. It's the weight of the bait compared to the size of the rod, but it remains the same on any scale, so long as the bait is big compared to the rod. Some bait fishing doesn't even require casting, so some bait rods focus their design on trolling and playing fish. Other bait fis

Crab Fishing Laws

Crabbing regulations vary by state to help protect the species.crab image by Vaclav Janousek from Fotolia.comThere are no federal laws or regulations in place that address catching crabs. Those responsibilities were left up to individual states. Due to crabs' availability that favors...