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Personal Protection Devices - Stun Guns

Crimes against individuals and families is on thee rise. Citizens need a way to protect themselves without violating any values related to the sanctity of life.More and more citizens are opting to use stun guns over conventional handguns.

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Under Obama's Thumb

Want to know how the current administration is co-opting your personal freedoms and replacing them with a European nanny state? Is any of this constitutional? Are they making up the rules as they go along? There is more to come on this inept bunch of bunglers, the price to pay may be your freedoms.

The Nifty Fifties - He Called Me 'Butch

What a wonderful time to have grown up in - The Nineteen Fifties. In Australia there was an innocence, and a tremendous feeling of relief and hope for the future, following the horrors of Depression and War. Our freedom was a precious thing to be savoured and enjoyed. Here is just one of the many st

Story Behind the World Depression 2008

The present threat of suspected entrance of depression is not confined to a part of the world. It has so far become a problem of the whole world. All economies should collectively fight against it tak

The Responsibilities of a Bicyclist

In some states, bicycles are actually considered vehicles, which means cyclists will often times have the same rights and responsibilities as motorists on the road. Before you ever venture out on your

Consider Akshaya Patra For Charity Donations For Children

The Akshaya Patra Foundation could be a considerable choice when deciding to donate funds for charitable trust in India. Akshaya Patra implements the mid-day meal programme in Government schools of India. Your charity towards the Foundation will enable it to scale up its reach across the width and b

Some Solar Powered Product Ideas

With more and more people considering the implications of global warming, it's no wonder that we are seeing plenty of solar panels on people's roofs.

Beautiful Balinese Girls

Balinese women are some of the most beautiful in the world. The most common features of beautiful Balinese women are long black hair, dark skin, and brown eyes. They have a fun, relaxed attitude and a

Restructuring The Way You Live Following The Inundation

Flood protection measures to generally be enforced must not be restricted to addressing flood as they come. It has to extend to handling matters even after it has wrought havoc to people’s lives. Just one way of accomplishing this is actually by obtaining a tetanus shot before jumping in water

The Liberal Conservative Alliance Shudders As Osborne's Budget Hits Workers

It is clear from Osborne's budget that the target demographic for bearing the burden of the economic debacle is the public sector worker and low paid families. This is about as unfair as it can get. Liberals surely will not enjoy being party to the wage cuts and job redundancies that will occur

3 Ways to Do a Criminal Public Records Search

While it is not an everyday affair for anyone to conduct a criminal public records search on another person, it is still absolutely necessary in some situations. For instance, you could be hiring more staff for your company. With frauds and terrorism on the loom, a background check becomes a necessi

Analysis of VA Tech Report

The review panel isolated seven critical problems with Virginia Tech's emergency response, emergency management and administrators' response. The reports' summary states that, "The Emergency Response Plan of Virginia Tech was deficient in several respects". The following is