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The History of Brazilian Masks

Brazil's indigenous cultures employed masks long before Carnival made the country famous for them. They are most often seen at the tourist-attracting celebration.

Cultural Consequences of Globalization

As globalization spreads throughout the world, cultures must deal with the effects. The actual influence depends on each individual. Some societies want globalization for the possible financial advantages while others seek to prohibit ideas that will bring change. Opponents often want to preserve tr

Indian Arrowheads & Artifacts

Indian artifacts date back to the Paleolithic era, approximately 12,000 BC. Collectors "hunt" for arrowheads near water sources, where tribes often hunted. Other artifacts appear wherever settlements were constructed.

Oaxacan Types of Music

Oaxaca has a vast musical heritage. As every region in Mexico, Oaxaca has developed its own musical styles and interpretations, blending traditional sounds and instruments with newly introduced forms. A visitor to Oaxaca will encounter a musical diversity that reflects the region's rich cultural her

The Purpose of Feathers in Headbands

In many Native American cultures across the continent, feathers were placed in headdresses. Headdresses were used to communicate status and occupation. The styles of the headdresses, as well as the types of ornaments used to adorn them, have their own purposes and meanings. Feathers often signified

Cheeseburger Festival in Caseville Michigan

The "Cheeseburger in Caseville" festival is held for ten days in August in the normally quiescent beach town of Caseville, Michigan. It is based on the famous tune by Jimmy Buffet entitled "Cheeseburger in Paradise," and celebrates American and Caribbean culture.

What Are the Causes of the Migration of African Americans?

African Americans relied on agricultural jobs for survival in the south.plantation image by Christian De Brito from Fotolia.comWithin the 20th century, the African American population underwent a gradual migration from the southern parts of the United States to the northern. Also known as...

Trumpet Mouthpiece Information

The trumpet, like all other brass instruments, uses a mouthpiece, where the musician places his lips and blows air. The trumpeter makes slight adjustments to the position of his lips to alter the tone of the sound being produced.

The Intuitive-Projective Stage of Spiritual Development

The intuitive-projective stage of spiritual development begins around age three for most children and continues until age seven when the child moves onto the next stage. The theory of spiritual development stages was developed by James Fowler in 1981 in his book "Stages of Faith: The Psychology of H

How to Control Fire Magic

Fire magic is the magic of destruction, as well as divination and passion. Typically, its destructive force is used to eradicate bad habits and disease. It is also used as a symbol of the sun in New Year rituals and as a medium for divination. However, fire magic is unpredictable and very powerful.

The History of Mauritius

The Republic of Mauritius developed with influences of the countries that colonized the nation in the Indian Ocean. African heritage and Islamic influences also shaped the island where dodos once roamed. Historically, Arab and Malaysian settlers were aware of Mauritius since the 10th century.

How to Mod With a Migration Kit

A migration kit is a small cable that plugs into your XBox 360. It allows you to transfer your files from one hard drive to another. However, it is possible to mod some aspects of your XBox 360 using the migration kit. You can alter your saved game data by using the kit, giving yourself more weapons

Culture and Cognition: Nine Roads Out of Animism

Is the way you think normal? The Western psychological profile appears to be a strange and atypical product of our cultural heritage. How does the Western mind differ from the natural human cognitive state, and ...

Jehovah's Witness Tools

Where there is work, there are tools. Jehovah's Witnesses have made headlines and have inspired both the opening and closing of doors with their worldwide preaching work. This work is based on their belief in the Bible and what it reveals about Christian faith, including devotion to God and service

Beauty Customs for Russian Women

Though modern Russian women share many beauty customs with the West, such as makeup brands and fashion trends, they still employ many traditional beauty rituals as well. This blending of tradition and modern fashion helps Russian women create their own unique style.

How to Become a Licensed Tattoo Artist in Canada

You've spent your life making artistic doodles and drawings, and maybe you dream of displaying those creations on a human canvas. Yes, we're talking about tattoos. No longer relegated to the seedy underworld, the tattoo artist (or permanent cosmetics professional) is now a career path held in high e

Definition of Chatelaine

The word chatelaine has several different meanings all of which relate back to the original Latin word for castle. It is a person, a piece of jewelry and a sewing tool. It has even come to have a metaphorical meaning that people use to name their blogs.

The Two Different Tribes of Islam

Islam has about 1.5 billion believers spread around the world. The faith believes in the same monotheistic God as the Old and New Testaments, but that the final messenger of God was Mohamed, who in A.D. 610 began to receive new revelations from God. Those revelations were written in the Muslim holy

Waltham Sheep Shearing Festival

Taking place every spring since 1987, the Sheepshearing Festival celebrates the forthcoming warm weather by removing sheep's winter fleece coats. Occurring rain or shine, this Waltham, Massachusetts, tradition is complete with a crafts fair, historic re-enactors, live music and food.