What is Twitter and Why Do I Need to Be Using It?

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Using Social Networks to Promote Your Business

Social web networking is the latest craze sweeping through the web. Central to this movement is the idea of giving power to the user. Over the past three years LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook have emerged. These web social networking tools now take up over 10% of all on line activity....

5 Simple Steps to Social Media Start Up Success

So many women entrepreneurs come to me and ask still "I don't know how to start up a fan page for my business or how else to promote myself on social media." It is for this reason I am writing this article today,there are just too many of you out there still not familiar with what soc

Is the Strength of Twitter the Death of Conversation?

Tweets--the 140-character messages that make up the global Twitter dialogue--have become the preferred medium of communication for more than 50 million executives, celebrities, athletes and everyday people. Like on Wikipedia, most users merely read this information, and a modest number of people in

Four Ways to Use Twitter

Having heard of Twitter, people are wondering how it can be beneficial. Four ways that Twitter may be used are for research, targeting a message to groups of people, as a social network, or for business promotion.

Tweeting Your Way to Success - Get in on the Conversation

What are your customers saying about you and your industry on Twitter? Are you joining the conversation? Part of success in internet marketing is knowing how to find what people need and harnessing the ability to give it to them. Twitter allows you to become actively involved in industry communicati

How to Effectively Use Twitter For a Business Or ECommerce Website

The basic premise behind Twitter is simplicity. The primary function of sending messages out on Twitter is to let people know what you are doing (in 140 characters or less). These little updates may be sent out via mobile texting, instant messaging, or via the web.

Why Twitter?

If you are just wondering why the social networking site, Twitter, is so immensely popular, then here are some thoughts which might satisfy your curiosity. The main reason that the Twitter is so popular is because it is very easy to use. You do not need any technical knowledge to use it.

Commonsense Twitter Review

Concerned business owners are asking themselves if Twitter is a time waster or a business builder. According to Annette Wellsford, Commonsense Marketing's CEO, that depends entirely how you approach Twitter. Certainly misused it can be as wasteful and more addictive than Facebook.

Internet Memes As An Idea Virus

Memes are competing for a share of your mind everywhere around you. On the internet, they're evolving even faster, propagating themselves through the digital media and infecting our brains.

Why Facebook and Twitter Don't Get Along

Social networking sites are all the rage currently. Two popular sites are Facebook and Twitter. Facebook tried to buy Twitter a few years ago, but failed.

Facebook Paid Advertising - Is It Better Than Free Advertising?

It can no longer be argued that Facebook is the most popular social networking site in the world. In fact, it is said to have almost half a billion members all across the globe, which consequently makes it one of the most often visited sites that exists in the internet.

Over-Sharing? Avoid Social Media Overload

One of the first rules of building a successful website is to include an easy way for people to share your site and its content with others. In a lot of cases, that means building in social media buttons where, with just a single click, visitors can Tweet, post to Facebook, or share the things they

Adding the Twitter Widget by Hand

If your TypePad blog uses an advanced template, Twitter will not be able to update your blog automatically. No worries though, you can still use free hand.

The Golden Triangle: SEO - Social Media - Blogging

Succeeding takes a multi-pronged approach. Once you have a great website design, it's time to figure out how you'll attract customers. If you want to succeed on the web, consider our golden triangle strategic approach: SEO, Social Media, and Blogging.

Make Fast Cash Being a Social Networking Mogul

There are a lot of people who have social networking sites, but they need a little help. They need help because they may be trying to promote something, but they will not be able to because they don't know some of the things that they can do with their site.

Should You Send Automatic Direct Messages to Your Twitter Followers?

I am also relatively new to this whole Twitter following - even though I have a marketing screen and nice branding. I'm still getting used to it - the whole Twitter thing. What I'm not getting used to is the "automated direct messages" that come up at least in 1/3 people I twit f

Social Media - Your Posts and Your Risks

If you use or allow to use social media at work you need to read this. Be careful on what is being said on these social platforms. It could cost you.