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Things to Consider When Choosing Airport Transportation

Though there are many airport transportation services, there are some things which when kept in mind; one can differentiate easily between them. So taking proper steps, one could save time, money and tension of mind. ...

Buying and Selling RVs in the Great North West

Wouldn't it be cool if you can take your family for a holiday in a RV? With all the comfort of a mobile home provided by the RV, you will feel as if you have never left your home!

Utility Trailer Floor Installation

Many utility trailers or personal trailers come with a very basic frame and little in the way of a proper floor inside the unit. As a result, the owner is left with accepting the condition or crafting his own trailer floor at home. The process is fairly simple and can be performed with a few measure

How to Build Your Own Motorcycle Carrier

Build your own motorcycle carrier so that you can transport your motorcycle from the back of a vehicle. There are safety procedures for towing a motorcycle carrier. First and foremost, make sure the placement of the motorcycle in the carrier does not cover the headlights, signal lights, taillights o

If You Ever Wanted a World Class Motor Coach Now is the Time to Buy

Have you ever considered owning a large RV or super class motor home? Well, right now the prices are way down and they are practically giving them away. You can buy a million dollar recreational motor coach for under a quarter of the original price. Why are there such great deals in the market place

How to Wire a Marine Trailer

Boaters use their marine trailers move boats to and from a lake or other body of water. All trailers need to have a basic lighting system to legally travel on public roads. This includes signal, marker and brake lights. Other systems, such as reverse lights and electric brakes, may be required as we

How to Tow With a Lexus RX350

A summer road trip with the whole family is always an adventure. Whether you're off to visit family, going camping or to the beach, the vehicle always seems full to the brim with luggage. One way to free up your cabin space is to tow a cargo trailer. When properly equipped, your Lexus RX350 can tow

Retractable Motorhome Awnings

Retractable motorhome awnings offer a simple and efficient way of creating extra space and protection from the elements. Manual and motorised awnings are the most popular kinds.

Installation of a 12 Volt Receptacle

Twelve-volt devices like cellphone chargers, GPS units, interior lighting and satellite radio receivers need receptacles to provide them power. With the growing number of these gadgets installed in vehicles, adding a12-volt outlet may be necessary. There are two wires in a 12-volt system. The red wi

Adding Or Upgrading an Audio Video System in Your RV

When integrating an audio video system into a recreational vehicle special care must be taken. There are a lot of considerations you need to think about before you decide what type of system is right for you and your family. With today's manufactures offering 12volt standard and marine grade sy

Questions and Answers About Car Air Conditioner Problems

Insufficient cold air is a common car air conditioner problem.Car interior image by mashe from Fotolia.comYour car's air conditioning system operates on a much more complicated principle than just pressing a button. Edmunds senior editor Brent Romans notes that not many people realize...

Buying a Motorhome - Vehicle Specifications

When setting out to purchase a new or used motorhome, specifically your first, it's essential to analyse both the base vehicle and habitation space. Read what to look for in a motorhome. You may not be an expert yet, but understanding what to look for is important and not as difficult as you ma

The Price To Pay When Purchasing A Used RV

Pricing for a used RV involves many factors. Just a few are the age of the unit, the condition, mileage if applicable and any options it is equipped with. Most importantly is the overall condition of the RV. The NADA is a good guide to go by and the pricing in the NADA is based on the RV being in go

Solar Powering Your RV

A lot of RV owners consider their vehicle to be just as much of a home as their actual house. That's why it only makes sense to consider a solar-powered RV as well as a solar home, especially when you spend a great amount of time on the road. And like all things solar, not only are there enviro

How to Install a 7-Way Connector on a 2007 Ford F150

A 2007 Ford F150 is a capable towing a vehicle when properly equipped. One necessary part is the trailer electrical connector. A 7-way connector powers signal, brake, marker and reverse lights as well as electric brake and battery power. These systems are required by law to travel on public roadway

How to Tow a Jeep With an RV

Many people enjoy the freedom of traveling with an RV. RV travel combines the freedom of driving where you want with the convenience of having home-like facilities when you arrive. Towing a vehicle behind an RV gives even greater travel convenience and flexibility. One of the most flexible vehicles

Ensuring Your New RV is in Tip Top Shape

Whichever RV you choose to buy, it is important to get a full inspection done before signing a contract or putting down any large sum of money.One of the worst things you can do is to hurry into buying something only to find that you have brought home a lemon.Given the expense, this consideration is