How to Put a Mechanic's Lien on a Vehicle

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Florida Auto Deficiency Judgment Laws

Florida law allows creditors to obtain deficiency judgments.florida adventure image by feisty from Fotolia.comIn Florida, like most states, a creditor can repossess an automobile without obtaining a court order if the consumer stops making car payments. Creditors can only do so as long as...

Undivided Interest Real Estate Laws

Undivided interests in real estate involve multiple owners of a single parcel.compass and map image by Marek Kosmal from Fotolia.comUndivided interest means the title to a piece of real estate is held by two or more persons, but that the land itself is not divided among them: the land is...

Assuming a Mortgage

The current housing market is extremely competitive. Sellers of homes will consider every possible opportunity to ensure that their home stands out amongst the others.Sometimes a seller will use its preferential mortgage rate as a way to attract buyers.

A Landlord-Tenant Maintenance Checklist

There are several kinds of landlord-tenant maintenance checklists and each is beneficial. Because the landlord-tenant relationship can involve conflict, the more carefully the rental agreement is documented, the less likely it is that the parties will actually have to deal with such conflict.

Landlord Tenant Lease Laws

Millions of American's rent their home. In most cases this is a simple and beneficial relationship and one way for anybody to assure that this relationship remains smooth is to understand what a tenants right's are regarding their lease.

How to Evict a Tenant in Hawaii

Perhaps one of the biggest struggles rental owners face is the eviction of problem tenants. In Hawaii, there are strict guidelines that deal with the eviction process. If you have to take your case to court, you must be able to show you made every possible attempt to evict the tenant legally, follow

Mississippi Foreclosure Law

Mississippi foreclosure law establishes the procedures available to a lender facing a borrower who defaults on a mortgage loan. In the state of Mississippi, the same procedures are used both for residential as well as commercial real estate.

Tennesse Tenant Landlord Act

Enacted in 1975, the Tenant Landlord Act determines the rights and obligations of landlords and tenants of residential units. This act is valid only in counties with more than 68,000 people, based on the most recent census figures.

Types of Mortgage Schemes

Mortgage schemes take several image by kruszek from Fotolia.comStarting in 2006 and worsening in 2008 with the sub-prime mortgage crisis, the economy of the United States has suffered greatly from mortgage fraud schemes. With the failure of large financial institutions and the...

Can a Landlord Charge You Rent After You Vacate From an Eviction?

When a person is evicted from a dwelling, his legal troubles may not have ended. In some jurisdictions once a tenant has been evicted and has vacated the premises, matters between him and the landlord are finished, while in other jurisdictions, the landlord may be allowed to collect additional rent.

Renters' Eviction Rights in Louisiana

Under Louisiana law, if a landlord wishes to evict a tenant, he must go through the court system to do so. The landlord is prohibited from turning off any utilities, such as electric, water or gas, that would make the unit uninhabitable. However, if the landlord can prove to the court the tenant is

How to Safely Rent My Home While I Travel

If your job or family commitments often take you out of town for extended periods of time, the last thing you want to worry about is making your empty house an easy target for burglars. Neighbors can only do so much in terms of keeping an eye on things for you, especially if you also have a yard to

The History of Yeoman Farmers

From the 1066 Norman Conquest until the Black Death in the 1340s, English agricultural workers' status was fixed into three classes. A few free Norman tenants paid rent and military service for their farms. "Bondsmen" were serfs (slaves) to the "Lord" (landlord) of their manors. About half the popul

Statute of Limitations on a Lien

The law of many states allow workmen to file claims of lien against real property to help them get paid for work done pursuant to a contract, whether oral or written, with the property owner.

Colorado Rental Lease Laws

Colorado's landlord and tenant laws are contained in the state's revised statutes.colorado river image by Don Lewis from Fotolia.comWhen you rent a property in Colorado, the agreement is subject to many state laws. The specific area of code referenced for landlord-tenant laws are in the...

Rights of the Disabled in an Eviction

Disabled renters are protected from landlords that want to evict them based upon their disability or actions that result from the disability. Disabled tenants can refuse to show landlords medical records or answer questions about their disability before they complete a rental agreement. There are fe

Encumbrances And What They Mean To Real Estate

When you decide to purchase a home, you want to ensure everything about the transaction is acceptable. Signing a home contract, only to discover something is structurally wrong with the property is every home buyer's worst nightmare. One often overlooked area where things could go awry in a hom

How to Get an Eviction Removed

While the thought of an eviction notice scares most tenants, the notice does not mean the eviction is set in stone. On the contrary, the tenant can take several steps to remove the eviction. How to proceed depends on whether the eviction is legal or illegal and the grounds for the eviction. For exam