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Wicked - The Life and Times of the Wicked Witch of the West

Wicked is the story of the infamous Wicked Witch of the West, told from the perspective that that the well-known fairy tale may not be all true. The premise of the novel is certainly interesting, and the themes it follows certainly make you think. The characters were well created and three dimension

Let's Talk About Time

I have the dictionary's definition of time and then I have mine. There never seems to be enough of it. If you have the time maybe this article may help...or not. Enjoy.

I Rise, I Fall

Life is short, sometimes you waste time not realizing what your doing. Stop! Stand still! Just reflect on your life, you are given a chance to make it right... So why not?

Enough Is Enough: Sustainability in Business

There is a dark side to economic growth. The relentless pursuit of "more" has ushered in some of humanity's greatest advances, but a toll has been exacted from the environment and the citizens of the globe. In Enough Is Enough, Rob Dietz and Dan O'Neill issue a rally cry for a ne

Tips to Find Books That Are Good

Do you like to read books? If you do, then it's good for you. There are many things you can get from reading books. But of course, you shouldn't just read any book. You should read only those that can give you the most benefit for your time.

Interview With Andrew Feder, Author of "The Heretic"

Women flock adoringly to him. Men fear his battlefield prowess. He believes in a monotheistic, infinite God and he's the best friend of the most powerful man in the world. However, in his time, he was considered not only a hero, but a heretic as well. Meet Aias, the unsung hero behind Alexander

What Makes A Great Poem?

As an English Teacher living and working in China I am often challenged with getting my students to appreciate the joys of reading, understanding and then writing interesting poetry. Since poetry is one of my favorite genres of writing, I truly enjoy the challenge of introducing everyone to the wond

How to Find Cheap Magazine Subscriptions

If you like to read magazines, but hate to pay the much money.Then you will find a cheap magazine subscription for nearly anyone you would like, and additionally you possibly won't have to look very ...

Stressing and Obsessing - Overcoming Anxiety and Emotional Torment

Taste the Spirit and allow Him to miraculously transform you. To move you beyond your mind to a glorious spiritual dimension. Jump in adventurously and have fun, no need for comprehension. Let go of your incessant fear and egoic mind's futile apprehension. Relinquish mental control and regain t

The Art of Receiving Poetic Critique

Many new poets cringe at the first honest critique they receive, but there is a way to handle such fright. Even the most experienced of poets will get their fair shair of criticism.Knowing when to accept and when to simply ponder critiques is the key to improving a poem.

Irreparable Damages - Book Review

Reunions with the past don't always bring fond memories. What we do with our reminiscences can sometimes be a matter of life and death, happiness and sorrow. In Karlene Heinkel's novel, "Irreparable Damages," the past and the present commingle with the ease of memory replayed.

Making Money Online - Just A Thought To Change Your Mindset

For those of you interested in making money online in these dire economic times spare a thought to the fads out there. I mean that there is a perception that somehow you can make money online in an instant without much work or toil.

The Kingdom Of All Gods

In the Kingdom of All Gods, Princess Marlena, the Goddess of High Tower of Love and Knight Victorious are engaged and bound to marry each other to rule the Kingdom. These two Gods love sports and adventures. They both fancy to create anything that comes to their mind. Since they are both Gods and Im

The Different Sides of the Sea

One of the couplets of the poem "The Fringe Of The Sea" sounds in such way: "and to think of turquoise mackerel / turning with consummate grace, / sleek and decorous / and elegant in ...

It's Dark Inside My Pocket

I remember walking with you, Through the ancient campus. I couldn't speak to you, Through all your lies.

Book Review - Healing Katrina, Timothy H Warneka

"Healing Katrina" is Tim Warneka's first-hand account of his experience as a volunteer mental health professional. Tim was deployed by the American Red Cross to Mississippi in the aftermath of the tragedy and destruction resulting from Hurricanes Katrina and Rita in the Southeastern U