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Digital Photography Software Options

Digital photography has exploded the possibilities available for capturing, sharing and manipulating photos.There are many products that offer various ways to edit and organize your photos as well as provide instruction. I offer the following review of the software that I found to be of good quality

How to Turn On the Nikon Coolpix 4300

The Nikon Coolpix 4300 point-and-shoot camera is designed by Nikon to be easy to use and provide high quality digital images. It was released in September 2002 and has a four-megapixel sensor. The straightforward, easy-to-understand controls make turning on and taking photos with the Coolpix 4300 in

Top Digital Cameras You Can Acquire Online

Since digital camera models first were launched the quality went up each year while the price has continued to go down. This happens to all of new technology and was the case for big screen LED and plasma televisions, GPS, and computer systems.

How to Become a Concert Photographer

Becoming a concert photographer is a highly desired position for anyone interested in professional photography. For the music lover, it’s a chance to get into shows free and take pictures of your favorite musicians. If you make it to the big time, photographing artists such as Justin Timberla

Types of Effects With Lighting

Simple theatrical lighting on a lights or a gantry for parties or concerts image by L. Shat from Fotolia.comLight and darkness, like actors, play key roles in the theater. Their presence on stage enables a story to be told through what is seen or not seen. Scene, mood, setting...

Adventures in Underwater Photography

"Just look at the world around you, right here on the ocean floor, such wonderful things surround you, What more is you lookin' for?" asks Sebastian in Disney's hit 'The Little Mermaid.' This is true for photographers, professional and amateur alike. With all the newest

Photography in the Raw - See the Light

If you have a digital SLR camera, and you have explored its functions beyond auto and program mode, you may have noticed an option to take shots in RAW format as well as the ubiquitous JPG, or jay-peg, as we pronounce it. To understand why you should select RAW instead of JPG, you need to understand

Understanding Modeling Poses For Photographers Has Saved a Few Careers

Do you believe that being a pretty girl or boy can turn you into a model? Well, that may be partially true but if you rely solely on your looks to take you to the top list here is some news for you. This article covers posing for photographers but is only one aspect to becoming a successful model.

Tips For Making Your Portrait Photographs Look More Professional

Do you know the difference between people photography and portrait photography? People photography is simply snapping pictures of friends without thinking of how it might turn out. Portrait photography gets photos one step closer to looking like they were shot by a professional. This is done by appl

Astrophotography Using a PC

Astrophotography has produced some of the most breathtaking images of our nearby universe and has inspired countless astronomy buffs to embark upon this fascinating field. You may think you need to break the bank in order to see other planets, stars, and galaxies; in reality, any amateur astronomer

Advertising Photography - Is it a Vice?

Is advertising photography a vice? The same old debate does not seem to come to a conclusion. But here are some viewpoints that may just help you to make your choice.

Why You Should Preserve Your Photos in a Photo Book

How often do you pull out your photo albums, or look at the images stored on your hard drive?Photos are the way that we capture and preserve some of our most precious memories; births, weddings, travels and celebrations, just to name a few. Too often our pictures end up buried at the bottom of our h

The Incase DSLR Pro Pack - The Best All-Round Digital Camera Bag

One of the biggest lessons I have learned in my years playing around with cameras, is that cameras are sensitive gadgets, that's why you need a quality digital camera bag like the Incase DSLR Pro Pack to safely transport your camera gear... I have been a camera enthusiast for a few years now. I

Wedding Photography Packages

When you have selected a digital photographer for your very own wedding ceremony, the next step is to choose which bundle to go with, since many wedding photographers will offer different bundles at numerous price ...

How to Sell Pictures Online For Profit

Every single day keen amateur photographers, just like you and me, are making a second income from their hobby. Just one question - how to sell pictures online for profit?

Using the Space in Your Photos - Digital Photography Tips

Digital photography has lots of different components to it. There are the technical parts and the compositional parts. And in these compositional parts there is another part...the space. Space is something that can make or break a photo when used. You can use it to take much better shots. This artic