Animal Abuse at Dog Kennels

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Volunteering - What's In It For Me?

Volunteering is also a way of saying thank you and of recognizing the countless others who, in small and big ways, have made life richer and better through their efforts. Volunteering can give your mind, soul, heart, and body a jump-start! You'll be happier and healthier and have a purpose and

The Exotic Pet

Find out what animals are considered to be exotic pets and why.

How Dogs Get Worms

Types of WormsHookwormsWorms are parasitic, which means they feed off of the dog from the inside. Five main types of worms affect dogs. Roundworms and hookworms are more common in puppies; whipworms, tapeworms and heartworms are more common in older dogs.Intestinal...

Barking Problems With Your Dog?

Barking may be the means for dogs to convey. So, should you buy a dog bark collar to stop it from barking? Yes, the bark collar may be needed in the event the dog barks excessively. It doesn't matter what the reason why is, if your animal results in a great deal of noise, you need to do somethi

Dog Food Label Regulations

The label on a dog food product gives a great deal of information about the product inside the bag, box, can or carton. To interpret this data properly, it is necessary to know and understand the various parts of the label copy and the regulations involved. The purpose of this article is to explain

Pet Love Affair

Your pets bring you love and joy, so why not give back to them and show that you really care. A pet is part of the family and should be treated in the same regard as a child would be. Getting them a surprise gift will make the bond stronger and create a better relationship, but your pet can't t

Effective Leadership Part 1

Effective Leadership - the way to a happy pack" Dogs naturally live in a pack with each member having a special role to play. The alpha or lead dog and bitch are the ones who ...

How to Feed Hungry Dogs

You may have seen the commercials featuring footage of dogs behind chain linked fences at a shelter, emaciated after neglect and abuse. These emotional images are often a call to action and may leave you wondering what you can to do to help. There are a few things people can do to help hungry dogs,

Important Facts on Buying Mal-shi Puppies for Sale

When you buy bichon poo puppies for sale from a professional breeder, you will get lot of beneficial aspects. Although you need to pay little more but you will get advice, training support, becoming t

Do Maltese Pups Odor Smell Awful?

Can we leave Maltese dogs inside the house? If untrained pet dog stays inside the residence on their own, it will can damage the place. I would suggest that you just get started with pet ...

What Other Jobs Can Hunting Dogs Do?

What other things can hunting dogs do?Hunting dogs are versatile, intelligent animals. Their size and ability to learn makes them ideal for many tasks that help humans with daily life.Service dog trai

Knowing When Your Dog Needs Disposable Dog Diapers

Many people think that disposable dog diapers are only for dogs that are very old or sick, but this is not always the case. Some dogs have incontinence problems due to being very nervous, medical ...

Dog Training - Choosing The Right Man For The Job

Only proper dog training techniques can make your pet a well-mannered one.You can have many tips that you can apply on your pup, but what would really work is if they will be trained by an expert.A professional trainer knows a lot about canines.

Raising A Healthy Bird.

1. If you want your bird to live a long life it is important to feed it in a nutritionally sound way. Birds often die too young because they are malnourished or they pick up a disease because they were not being fed correctly.2. Birds who are part of the parrot family should be fed a variety of food

The Value Of Protein In Pet Nutrition

Without question, nutrition is the solid foundation on which good health is built. When it comes to our pets nutritional needs quality protein is critical. Within the last 5 to 10 years there have been many advances in pet nutrition and pet food. This has spurred major growth in the “Natural P