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How to Care for a Dying Italian Stone Pine

The Italian stone pine, or umbrella pine, is a resilient evergreen tree that can reach mature heights up to 100 feet. A tolerant tree, the Italian stone pine can withstand long periods of drought and salty soils. It is also resistant to most diseases, though insects and pests are common predators.

How to Lure a Lost Cat

Only 53 percent of lost cats return home, compared to 71 percent of lost dogs, according to a report from Ohio State University. Unless a cat is accustomed to the outdoors, they have a tendency to panic when they get outside. That makes them less focused on finding a way home. In many cases, runaway

Feline Stomatitis - Treating It Naturally

Feline stomatitis is a condition which is becoming much more common in cats at much earlier ages. Cats as young as a year old are getting to this problematic condition. Why is it so common now and what can you do to prevent it or cure it?

How to Care for Cats After Removal of an Eye

Cats are both inquisitive and territorial; unfortunately these two traits can combine at inopportune moments, resulting in injuries. When a cat's vision is injured beyond repair or the eye becomes infected, a vet may elect to perform enucleation, where the eyeball is removed and the lid permanently

2008 Tuxedo Cats Picture Gallery: Taz

Black and white cats are like snowflakes: you'll never see any two with identical markings, but Tuxedos usually have some form of a white "V" on the chest-- very formal and striking. Our May Cats Picture Calendar is dedicated to Tuxedo cats and other black-and-white cats. Enjoy these

How to Stop Your Cat From Urinating on Furniture

Knowing how to stop your cat from spraying your furniture can mean the difference between saving your favorite couch or tossing it. Cat spray is actually cat urine, which has a strong ammonia like smell. Unfortunately, some cats get in the bad habit of spraying the urine on furniture. This habit can

Get Some Cat Training Books Fast

Some cat owners tend to think cats cannot be trained so they don't even try to train kitty. And some think that they already know how to properly train them. But the thoughts they have in their mind and getting to the action of actually training the cat can show them how wrong they are. If you

Cat Hair Loss Home Remedies

Hair loss in cats can be as distressing and discomforting as in humans and there are just as many causes. It can be poor diet, stress, allergies, fleas, mites, or just unknown, permanent hair loss, known as alopecia. In some cases, the cat will lose patches of hair, while in other cases her hair may


Feline glossary definition of spay. See also neuter.

How to Keep Your Tweets Off of LinkedIn

You can add a Twitter account to your LinkedIn account so that your tweets will automatically appear on your LinkedIn profile. Your LinkedIn followers can see your tweets in their update streams or by visiting your LinkedIn profile. If you have already added a Twitter account to your LinkedIn profil

2008 Cat Olympics:Leo, Tiger, & Garfield: Synchronized Sleeping Team

Cats all over the world have been perfecting their skills at Cat Olympic events, such as Synchronized Sleeping, Power Yawning, Sumo Wrestling, and Broad Jumps. Unlike human Olympics, which are of a short duration, the 2008 Cat Olympics will continue through the end of the year. New entries are welco

Common Health Problems For Cats

Owning a cat, you must be prepared for any health problems that may arise. Among common cat health problems we have a multitude of minor inconveniences up to dangerous or life-threatening accident and conditions.

Heart Disease Symptoms in Cats

Routine health exams help detect feline heart 2 image by Dragan Saponjic from Fotolia.comFeline heart disease is often difficult to detect in its early stages, because clinical signs of the condition are often vague and may be confused with other illnesses and diseases. The...

Feline Mange

Feline mange is caused by Notoedres cati. This mite is in the same family, Sarcoptidae, as the mite that causes scabies in humans and dogs. Feline mange infects domestic cats as well as cheetahs, leopards, bobcats and lynxes. Additionally, dogs, rodents, bats and raccoons can become infected.<

Should I Declaw My Cat?

If you are wondering if you should declaw your cat there are many things that you should consider. What was once a procedure that was routinely done, now people are much more aware of physical consequences for the cat.

How to Give a Diabetic Cat a Shot

Just like humans, cats can develop diabetes. Older obese cats, usually males, are most at risk for developing feline diabetes. Many diabetic cats may require subcutaneous (under the skin) insulin injections twice daily. Giving a cat an insulin injection can be frightening for both the cat and the ca

How to Respond to Cat Biting

When a cat bites, his sharp teeth cause puncture wounds or scratch the skin and can introduce bacteria into your body that cause infections. Additionally, cat biting signals aggressive behavior. Especially dangerous in households with young children or people with special needs, cat biting may be th