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Feline Pregnancy and Estrus

Female cats can start their estrus (heat) cycles as young as four months of age. Signs of estrus can be confusing to pet owners, and cats may become pregnant without the owner being aware that the cat was in heat. Learn all about feline reproduction as well as the benefits of spaying and neutering p

What is the main problem seen in equine dentistry?

This is question two of a six-part interview with Geoff Tucker DVM, horse vet and dentist. In this section, Dr. Tucker discusses the number one dental health problem that he sees in horses and how to take care of it.

How to Keep a Dog Stimulated

You may think getting a new puppy is a great idea, but when you realize the amount of energy contained in its little body, knowing how to keep it happily occupied can seem overwhelming. To keep your sanity as a pet owner, you'll have to keep your dog stimulated and make sure it's tired by the end of

Signs & Symptoms of Severe Kidney Failure in Dogs

Always consult a vet if your dog has symptoms of kidney failure.schwarze schlange mit v image by manu from Fotolia.comSevere kidney failure in dogs, also known as acute renal failure (ARF) is a dangerous and potentially fatal condition for canines. It is most common for older dogs to...

What to Buy for Arthritis in Dogs

Canine arthritis inflames the muscles, joints and other body parts, and a dog may be in pain and limited in its normal activities when it has the condition. However, even on a modest budget, you can buy certain things that will help your dog lead a more comfortable life.

How to Use Karo Syrup as a Dog Cough Medicine

Prolonged coughing by a dog can be a sign of kennel cough, an upper respiratory infection called tracheobronchitis that is caused by a mixture of bacteria and viruses. Kennel cough can be very serious, even deadly and should be treated by your veterinarian. However there are also many other less ser

Dog Geriatric Kidney Failure Diet

Kidney disease and kidney failure is not uncommon in geriatric dogs. The kidneys lose their ability to filter out toxins through the urine. The dog will start drinking more water in an attempt to dilute the urine, but in advanced kidney failure, this doesn't work. The dog feels nauseated and ill. A

Ceva Future Leader Dog Pup Visits New York City

Dr. Theresa DePorter is a veterinarian who is co-raising Ceva, a puppy for Leader Dogs for the blind. As part of her duties, Dr. DePorter must socialize Ceva to as many people, animals, places and things as possible. A Leader Dog must be prepared for any type of handler and situation. The trip to Ne

Canine Rabies Vaccination Complications

Rabies vaccinations can cause complications in some dogs.Two Dogs image by ziggyhendry from Fotolia.comMost states require dogs to be vaccinated against rabies from any time between the dog's first eight weeks to six months of life. Rabies is a severe neurological disorder that can be...

List of Dog Vaccinations

Vaccinating your dog is the only way to ensure protection against common viruses and bacteria. Even if a dog is an indoor pet, he will usually go outdoors, and many diseases are transmitted through the air or inanimate objects that infected dogs leave behind. There are many vaccinations available, b

Alternative Treatments for Hip Dysplasia in Dogs

Pugs are among the breeds predisposed to hip dysplasia.Curious Pug, focus on mouth and whiskers area of face. image by Paul Hill from Fotolia.comHip dysplasia is a primarily congenital condition where the ball and socket of the hip joint are incorrectly formed, increasing the risk of...

Alternative Remedy for a Cough in Dogs

If you're dog is coughing and showing no other symptoms, you can safely treat your pet at home--as long as the cough resolves itself within a few weeks and your dog does not develop other symptoms. If your dog is coughing, most likely it is kennel cough. This is an upper respiratory ailment that is

Leptospirosis in Dogs

Leptospirosis is a life-threatening bacteria that can cause organ damage and even death. The bacteria also may be transmitted to humans.

My pet is terrified of the vet. What are some tips to help my pet?

Many times pet owners put off going to the vet because their pet gets very stressed, or in some cases, aggressive, when faced with going to the vet. The carrier, the car ride and the veterinary office environment create serious stress for some pets. If the visit involves the difficult decision about