Horse Hair Braiding: Tips for the First Time

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How to Breed Sabino & Tobiano Horses

Many people breed their own horses and they all have their own goals. Some breed for type, size, temperament and movement. Others breed for color, such as the colors found in paint, pinto and certain pony breeds. Such horses have any combination of brown, white and black in their coats. Two of thes

Tail Grooming Basics

The horse's tail, how do you take care of it? Horse owners have come up with a variety of ways to tackle this issue. At first you might think the easiest way to take care of it would be to let it fly free. The sight of a horse running through a field with his head held high and his tail cocked

How to Make a Wood Model Horse Barn

If your child loves to play with her toy horses, she'll enjoy a toy barn to house all those ponies in. You can use a bit of spare plywood to build a toy barn, with room for all the horses your child has collected. This project can be customized to use colors your child likes and you can even get lit

Horse Fencing

Safety can easily be achieved by choosing the right material. People often think it is cruel to lock your horse behind an electric fence. In fact that is one of the safest means of fencing because an electric fencer does not give out a harmful shock people can easily handle the same shock and a hors

The Truth About Equine Supplements

In this article I would like to share with you some little known information about horse supplements. I have been working in the equine supplements industry for about eighteen months now and I have learned some interesting things about the products that very few horse riders know about. If you alrea

How to Raise a Cow or Calf

You can raise a cow or calf in a feed lot, a pasture, on crop stubble after harvest, or a combination. The calf requires a reliable source of water and a pen to corral it when it needs to be handled for vaccinations or other management procedures. A simple roof with one or two walls can provide shad

Possible Solution for the Vice of Weaving for Stalled Horses

Unfortunately not every horse owner has the luxury of allowing their horses the benefit of unlimited pasture or turnout time.Horses kept in stalls most of the day can sometime develop a vice such as weaving.When a horse weaves he or she is standing in place but weaves its head and neck back and fort

How to Make an Equine Drawing Salve

There are many chemicals in modern medicines for horses, but once in a while it is nice to reconnect with the past by making your own medicine. This allows you to have complete control over what ingredients you use and know exactly what you are using on your pets. All of the ingredients in this equi

Choosing and Fitting the Right Saddles

Choosing the right horse saddle is not just only the important thing in ensuring your and your horse's health and comfort, but also fitting the saddle properly. Saddles not properly positioned make the horse feel uncomfortable and create muscle and back pain to the rider. It is better to refer

How to Walk a Horse With a Shank

All horses learn by the theory of applying and releasing pressure. When a horse does what is expected of it, all pressure is released. When a horse misbehaves, pressure is applied. When walking a horse on a lead rope, pressure is applied by tightening and loosening your grip on the lead rope and sha


The meaning of the British word going as used when discussing horses or ponies. What is a going and how is it used? Find out the definition of going.

Treatment for Bursitis in Horses

A bursa is a closed sac lined by a membrane that secretes a lubricating fluid. These sacs are located at strategic points between moving parts and act as cushions to prevent friction and chafing. Bursitis can range from a mild condition to one which becomes septic--the presence of infection. Trauma

Can You Restuff Knee Pads in Saddles?

Knee pads, also called knee rolls, are cushions sewn on the front of some English saddles to add security as well as comfort for the rider. Age or damage to the saddle can compromise the stuffing inside the pads, causing them to flatten or degrade. It is possible, though not always worthwhile, to re

How to Customize Your Old Horse Trailer on a Budget

Horse trailers are used to move horses from one location to another and should be customized to make the traveling as comfortable for the horse as possible. This includes providing cushioning on all sides, including the floor and other safety features, such as a chain behind the horse in its trailer

How to Band a Horse's Mane for a Show

Preparing for a horse show can be a difficult and time-consuming task. Bathing, grooming, tacking up and practicing all take considerable time and effort to do properly. Many different horse show events, such as reining and barrel racing, allow riders to leave a horse with a long, natural mane and t

Symptoms of Kidney Failure in Horses

When the kidneys fail, a horse's body stops functioning image by Oleg Tarasov from Fotolia.comKidney failure occurs when the kidneys lose their functionality and fail at their filtration responsibilities. Kidneys are in charge of filtering the blood to send waste and extra...