How to Treat a Bacterial Cloud in the Eye of a Discus Fish

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Aquarium Tanks - Fish and Maintenance

Aquarium tanks are the main part of your home made fish eco system. Take care of it and your fish will thrive. Here are some hints that should help.

Coldwater Fish as Pets - A Beginner's Guide

So, you're taking interest in the aquatic life. Keeping fishes as pets is indeed a great idea. Owning an aquarium presents numerous advantages not only as an aesthetic addition to homes or living spaces, but even to one's being. Many have claimed to have experience several health benefits

How to Maintain Plants in an Aquarium

Aquarium plants provide shelter for fish and improve fish health by consuming the dangerous ammonia and nitrates that build up in an aquarium. They help timid fish feel more secure and provide safe areas for young fry. They also add an element of beauty through the greenery but also by bringing out

Dying Goldfish Remedy

No one who loves their pet wants it to die. Aquarium fish are no exception. Goldfish, one of the most popular pet fish, often die before their time. In fact, goldfish live longer than most people expect them to when placed in the proper environment. If your goldfish is dying, it may not be too late

Essential Maintenance For Your New Fish Tank

If you are lucky enough to have just acquired a new fish tank, then you might be wondering how you will look after it. Well, it is quite simple, just take your time and have some patience!

Benefits to Owning a Koi Pond

Owning a one-of-a-kind Koi pond is an added attraction to your landscaped garden. It represents not just an excellent view but it also provides peace and tranquility, which no amount of money can buy. It is a special spot in your garden that serves as a quiet haven that can somehow shield you agains

Discus Fish Are Amazing

Most fish are so colorful as they swim about the aquarium. Watching fish is relaxing as you gaze at the beauty of them. Their peaceful nature will amuse you for hours.

Common Pleco Information

The common pleco, also known as the armored catfish, is used to describe all of the fish composing the family Loricariiadae. Common plecos are originally from South America and are bottom-feeding algae eaters, which is why many freshwater aquarium enthusiasts use these fish to control algae growth i

Tips on Spotted Watchman Goby Care

Gobies are best known for their symbiotic relationships with small crustaceans, most especially pistol shrimp. They frequently cohabitate with these shrimp in sand burrows of the shrimp's making. It is simply fascinating to watch a fish and a crustacean merge in symbiotic harmony. Spotted watch

Keeping Fishes As Pets Can Be Rewarding

This article is part of the new series of health secrets called "A Hobby In A Day Keeps The Doctor Away!" The series centers around fish keeping as a hobby to promote the well-being of daily lifestyle. Fish-keeping is a simple hobby with many benefits - it is a hobby that is easy to start,

How To Cure Fish Disease - Three Things You Must Do

There is nothing worse for a fish pond owner than seeing the entire population of the pond devastated by disease. Fish, like other pets we have can get sick from disease. Often, we do not even recognize that a fish might be sick until it is too late and the entire pond is contaminated. How do we cur

The Berghia Nudibranch

Salt water aquariasts can rejoice now that bergia nudibranches are now widely available to those suffering from aiptasia infestation. These specialized nudibranches feast on aiptasia and quickly can restore order in a coral tank.

Rules For Beginners For Caring Goldfish

Goldfish are famous as 'first pets' for any kid. But that does not mean they are easy to care! Many times goldfish are given as prizes or gifts. However most of them die soon because people accepting them do not have any idea about their care.

Reducing Infestation of Blood Fluke

A blood fluke is also known as a gill fluke, fluke worm or simply fluke. Blood flukes are worm parasites that without treatment may eventually kill fish. Flukes can also cause other fish diseases that contribute to even more complications. With proper steps, you can treat a blood fluke infestation i

Breeding Angel Fish

The best technique to get started with breeding your angel fish is to buy a group of six to eight juveniles and allow them to grow and reach maturity at around 8 months or so. Try to choose fish that are strong and healthy and have all the best signs such as clean markings, well formed finnage and c

Sick Fish Symptoms

Diagnosing and treating disease in aquarium fish is often not easy, especially for the casual aquarium keeper. Symptoms of illness in fish are hardly noticeable. In some cases, there may be outward signs, such as raised scales, white spots or other visible factors. The other factor to consider is an

Tropical Fish Aquarium

When scoping out a new fish store, there are a variety of different things to look for. Learning whether or not the store is a quality one may take a few visits, though there are a few instant turn offs that should send any dedicated fish owner scurrying for the door.