Requirements for a Bird Banding Permit

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Defines the term "frugivorous" in terms of a bird's diet, with examples of frugivorous bird species and how to attract them.


Defines the term "overwinter" as it applies to birds.

Things to Know About Buying Backyard Bird Feeders

Nourishing wild birds in your yard is a fun and enlightening experience. The best way to tempt birds into your backyard is to establish backyard bird feeders. Backyard feeders are gadgets that dispense food for birds to eat. A bird feeder attaches to a stationary facility, such as a hook, post, or t

Why is Your Parrot's Diet So Important?

If you want the best health for your parrot you need to understand a lot regarding its diet. So many people make the mistake of just feeding their beloved pet a diet of seeds. Easy in every sense of the word and quite often cheap. Misinformed parrot owners believe it adequate in keeping their compan

How to Breed Society Finches

The society finch, also called the Bengalese finch, comes in a variety of colors, including gray, chestnut, pearl and fawn. These sociable birds breed easily in captivity, so the responsible bird owner will be sure he or she can find suitable homes for all the babies before deciding to breed. These

How to Raise Egg Producing Chicken Breeds

The fact is, all chickens are egg producing chicken breeds. All female chickens will lay eggs during their lifetime, assuming they are healthy and receive proper nutrition. Some chicken breeds are better for egg production than others, as certain ones produce more eggs than others. So if

Types of Bantam Chickens

Bantam chickens are miniature versions of full-size chicken varieties.chicken image by Pity from Fotolia.comMost breeds of normal chickens have a bantam counterpart. The bantam, or "banty," variety is a miniature version, usually about one-fourth the size of a normal chicken (See...

Parrots as Pets

According to The Humane Society of the United States, pet birds, including different types of parrots, were the third most popular pet behind cats and dogs in 2010. There are over 350 kinds of parrots, ranging in size from the buff-faced pygmy at 3.2 inches tall to the hyacinth macaw at 3.3 feet tal

How to Size Binoculars

In certain scenarios, such as hunting, sports spectating, and bird watching, binoculars are a must. In other situations, such as watching a play from the back row or gazing from the rooftop of a skyscraper, binoculars can definitely enhance your viewing experience. For correct use, you'll need to pi

Top Fun and Easy Homemade Bird Treat Recipes

Making homemade bird treats is a great way to boost your pet bird's nutrition and offer more variety in your bird's diet -- plus, making treats at home can be a lot of fun, and save money over buying expensive pre-made treats at pet supply stores. Try your hand at some of the fun and easy

How to Sex a Silkie Chicken

Silkie chickens are among the most androgynous animals on the farm. With long, soft fur that is said to feel like silk, they're beautiful and delicate animals. It is impossible to tell at birth whether your silkie is a male or a female, as both sexes have internal sexual organs and their distinguish

Information on Runner Ducks

Runner Ducks are sweet natured and for this reason they make excellent pets. They are easy to care for as long as they recieve the correct food and have access to a warm, suitable Duck House.

Macaws As Pets - 4 Tips For a Healthy Pet Macaw

Macaws are wonderfully intelligent and beautiful birds that, with proper care, can live 30, 40 and sometimes 50 years or longer. Here are 4 tips for care that will help them enjoy high quality of life and live for a very long time.

How to Make Birdhouses

Building a wooden birdhouse is a simple wood craft, commonly performed in beginner level wood shop courses. Making your own birdhouse is a fun craft, and in addition, it comes with the added benefit of providing you with a house to hang and, if it becomes the home for a family of birds, the opportun

How to Buy a Parrot Cage

Now that you've decided to create a beautiful home for your pet bird or Parrot you must now choose a birdcage to house your pet. Take into consideration some of the safety and health and growth concerns of your bird when checking out available options, choosing the right cage will be one of the

Compare Ipe Wood Decking to Pine Decking

Ipe wood has been introduced into the market for use in outside decking, deck chairs, deck swings and outdoor playhouses. This is an exotic hardwood that is extremely hard and durable.

Bird Feeder Crafts for Pre-K

A bird feeder is a beautiful way to attract birds to your backyard during any season. Even better, making your own, simple bird feeder is a craft you can perform with pre-kindergarteners that will entertain them and allow them to become a part of nature's activities. Inexpensive and simple to make,

Is Birdseed with Peanut Butter Good for Birds?

Backyard bird feeders can draw in a wide array of species and bring the avid bird watcher hours of enjoyment. Peanut-butter and seed concoctions have been a favored choice among birds and people alike, though their combined benefit is often questioned.