Why Are Fruit Juices & Smoothies So Popular? Part 1

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Why Soft Drinks Are So Bad For Your Body - Part Three

Soft drinks that contain bubbles have an ingredient called phosphoric acid, which has been known to seriously deplete the blood calcium levels in the body. Calcium is a critical component to healthy bones.

List of 10 Unusual Healthy Grains to Add to a Nutritious Diet

Besides adding a punch to your highly nutritional diet, eating whole grains over refined grains has numerous health advantages as well. Studies have shown that eating two cup servings of whole grains daily can significantly ...

Why Essential Fatty Acids Are Great For Your Diet

For some reason people seem to be scared to death when they hear the word "fat". While it make be true that some fats are bad for the human body, there are many fats that are not only OK for the body, but actually really good for the body. The fats that are great for your body are none oth

3 Reasons to Use the Omega 3 Fish Oils - EPA and DHA

The reason I use a certain supplement is because of the evidence behind what it may do for me. The Omega 3 fish oils (EPA and DHA) are something I use daily for the reasons outlined in this article.

Sports Nutrition at an Athlete Level

It takes a lot to become an athlete. As well as the ability to excel in your chosen area, you also need to have an enormous amount of time and dedication to devote to your cause. Whether you're a dedicated footballer, a long distance runner or a powerful weightlifter, there's one thing tha

Some Natural Detox Methods

By the term natural detox most people understand that there's a collection of practices that are supposed to help us cleanse our bodies of toxins without relying too much on health food products. Detoxing in ...

The Benefits of Glyconutrients

Glyconutrients, plant-derived carbohydrates (otherwise known as simple sugars or monosaccharides) were recently discovered to play substantial roles in promoting health and wellness by staving off causes of infections, diseases, and even degenerative disorders. But more than these, these sweet nutri

Hidden Poison in Your Food

Did you know that there might be poison in many of your favorite foods found on grocery store shelves everywhere? Breads, crackers, cookies, energy bars, tortillas, frozen pizza are just a few examples of these ...

Understanding Coral Calcium

Calcium is an essential mineral and is required for human life. However talk about the benefits of coral calcium can be confusing and may make it difficult to put into context how we can benefit from appropriate levels of calcium in the diet, be it from food or from supplemental sources.

Horny Goat Weed for Better Sex?

Horny goat weed is an herb that has been used in China for centuries to treat low libido, erectile dysfunction, fatigue, pain, and other conditions. WebMD explains how its extract may help increase blood flow to the penis.

The Dolce Diet College Guide: An Unbiased Review

Dreaming of cutting weight like a professional fighter? Then you've probably heard about Mike Dolce and the Dolce Diet. But does it work, and more importantly, is it worth your money?

Choices To Reduce Your Cellulite

You have been lied to. There are a lot of products available that claim they ELIMINATE cellulite. Let me tell we that these outrageous claims are false! You don't have to be Einstein to figure ...

Whey Protein Muscle Building - Identify the Genuine Answer

Today, many folks have definitely acquired understanding concerning the whey protein dietary supplements. Additionally, organically grown items are good and risk-free to eat unlike dietary supplements made commercially. In the same way, natural products are ...

Banana and Its Underlying Health Benefits

Banana is used as a common term for herbaceous plants' fruits in the genus Musa of the family Musaceae. This fruit comes in assorted sizes and colors when ripe like yellow, red, and purple. It is probably the world's common and popular fruit for the reason that it is of great nutritional v

Healthy School Lunches

Unfortunately, the lunches served in too many schools are not much better than the snacks in the vending machines. Not surprisingly, some parents have opted to pack their children's lunches.