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H1N1: Insights From ATS 2009

Christopher Lettieri, MD, shares insights from the H1N1 symposium presented at the annual American Thoracic Society meeting, May 2009.

Pneumonia May Be Sign of Lung Cancer

I don't want to be an alarmist, but if you or a loved one have had pneumonia recently, you might wish to talk to your doctor about a new study. Researchers

Painful Breathing & Back Pain

The back, more specifically the muscles on the back, are closely connected with the muscles in the front of the body associated with the respiratory system. The human lungs are situated near the trapezius muscles on the back and are therefore influenced by the movement exhibited in those muscles. Wh

How to Reduce Wheezing

A rattling in your chest and faint whistle while you breathe is a sure sign of asthma, a respiratory disorder that reduces your ability to breathe due to inflamed, narrow airways. Medication can help to reduce the frequency of asthma attacks, while inhalers are useful for reducing asthma symptoms. I

How to Cope With Being Short in Stature

People come in all different shapes and sizes. Some are happy with their bodies; others, including those considered "short," are not. They may have trouble finding clothes that fit them or can't reach certain items in the grocery store. While there may be disadvantages to being short, dwelling on th

Abnormal Respiration

Respiration is the process by which the body uses oxygen to convert food to energy. According to Case Western Medical School, the body must be able to control oxygen intake and rate of breathing in order to remain healthy. A variety of conditions can interfere with normal respiration. Abnormal respi