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Starting Salaries for Photographers

A photographer's job entails both creativity and technical expertise. They are not only tasked with recording images with the use of a variety of photographic equipment but also developing and augmenting pictures using darkrooms or computer software technology.

Is it Legal to Take Out a Life Insurance Policy on Someone Else?

Insurance exists to compensate, or indemnify, the policy owner from financial harm. Consequently, insurance companies will not issue a policy that pays benefits if you are not harmed. The reason is to remove incentives to fraud: If there were no restrictions on whom people could purchase life insura

Life Insurance For Seniors...Is It Worth It?

Life Insurance For Seniors Oftentimes many people delay purchasing life insurance in their younger years because they had "adequate" insurance benefits from their place of employment. That is the main reason life insurance for seniors ...

Drawbacks to AARP Life Insurance

AARP is an organization that provides support to people over the age of 50 for health care, investments, travel, entertainment and insurance. AARP members receive discounts and benefits from organizations around the world and also receive important information regarding medicare and...

What Is the Process of Submitting Insurance Claims?

Until you file a claim, you are buying nothing but a promise from your insurance company. Though it is a legal promise backed by your insurance contract, the insurer does not have to do anything for you until you make a claim. Because of this, it is important that you know how to file a claim correc

The Benefits of a Living Will

A living will is an estate planning document that provides advance instructions regarding your long-term care in the event of significant incapacitation requiring long-term life-prolonging medical treatment. Because you are able to decide in advance what happens, a living well benefits both you, you

The Importance and Benefits of Life Insurance Policies

Life insurance policies are considered to be an essential part of any individual's investment portfolio. It is not necessary that life insurance is availed solely for the benefit of accumulating wealth, but it is purchased ...

5 Blunders To Avoid Once You're Approaching Retirement Age

With retirement just around the corner, some people can get carried away and start envisioning themselves happily spending the last years of their lives in sunny California. However, it is important to note that even ...

Peril Insurance Definition

With insurance, "peril" simply means "cause of loss." All property insurance contracts protect against some sort of peril, and therefore all types of property insurance can be considered peril insurance. In most situations, the term "peril insurance" refers to a homeowner contract, which is required

The Average Salary of a Nature Photographer

A nature photographer takes pictures of the natural world. This includes animals, plants and landscapes. He can work either in a studio, usually with smaller creatures or single plant specimens, or on location. A nature photographer can travel around the globe capturing aspects of the natural enviro

DOD Life Insurance Beneficiaries Information

Understanding exactly who can be named as a beneficiary for DOD life insurance proceeds, and under what circumstances such designations can be amended, is essential for proper financial planning and servicemembers' peace of mind.

Generating Fixed Index Annuity Leads

by Dan Vinal [] Here's an idea for generating fixed index annuity leads, based on the psychology of consumer ignorance and apprehension. Take out a small add in your local newspaper (or mail out a ...

Good Incomes From Tech Jobs

Training and experience with repairing and/or operating specific types of machinery can lead to a variety of careers with good incomes. Technicians are employed in a many fields and industries from engineering to mechanical, HVAC and radiology, and salaries vary accordingly. A tech's income will als

Life Settlement Resources

Financial transactions referred to as a life settlement (also called viatical settlements) are a new type of financial opportunity originating in the 1980s. This type of transaction has tumultuous track record, lacks strong federal regulation and is often the center of controversy. Before...

How to Check on a Life Insurance Policy Number

Life insurance customers often find that they need their policy numbers when it's time to pay a bill, when a claim occurs, or when providing insurance information to third parties. Finding your life insurance policy number is fairly easy if you're prepared and persistent. While it is likely that you

Introduction to Health Insurance

Health insurance is either provided by an employer or purchased as an individual policy. There are many aspects of health insurance that need to be understood including knowing the costs and benefits of coverage. This can include learning about the various types of health plans and organizations tha

Is Long-Term Health Insurance Deductible?

The Internal Revenue Service allows you to itemize your deductions if this is more advantageous to you than claiming the standard deduction. One category that you can choose to itemize is your medical expenses. IRS guidelines permit you to deduct not only your premiums for basic health insurance, bu

Do I Need Insurance on My Car If I'm Restoring it?

People who have antique and classic cars often wonder whether they need insurance if the car is always in the shop and never driven. Depending on the situation, insurance may be necessary for the car. If you are restoring a car, but it's not a classic, you might wonder whether you should keep the ca