A History of the Cuban-American Embargo

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Radical Feminism Is The Result Of Imposing ' state Feminism'

I often hear that radical feminists are perverting the laws in favor of women while undermining the rights of men and essential fairness in law. This reveals the misunderstanding that many men and women have about what both feminism and its state implementation means - and what freedom means. This a

Scottish Independence and the Lessons From Ireland

This article looks at the relationship that the Republic of Ireland has to the UK and argues that Scottish nationalists would like a relationship similar to this. However, this sort of semi-detached relationship is not really in the rest of the UK's interest. For this reason if Scotland were to

How Can You Tackle Youth Unemployment Through Youth Led Solutions?

Youth unemployment affects the country as a whole, there is an expansion of job losses across the UK, small businesses are closing down, loosing credibility and value due to the government cuts. 'The latest unemployment figures indicate from around 620 million economically active 15 to 24-year-

Enumerated Constitutional Duties

Especially in times of overseas conflict, Americans hear many debates about which branch of government makes decisions under the U.S. Constitution. Needless to say, this document can be interpreted in many ways, often in the political interest of the interpreter. Yet the Constitution was written to

Inato Claims The Right Of Hot Pursuit

NATO says that it has the right to pursue fleeing terrorists into Pakistan and fight them there if the fight started on the Afghanistan side of the border.

Consumer, Voter and Citizen Confidence Considered

A recent study showed that the president's approval ratings have dropped significantly, and while this is to be expected because all presidents have drops in approval rating after the election and during their first year in office it still comes at a bad time considering we're in the middl

Economic Systems Based on Customs & Beliefs

An economic system is at the core of what makes a society function. Economies secure methods of purchase and trade, define business models and shape socio-economic divisions. Customs and beliefs drive the design of economic systems. Tradition, heritage and cultural principals are critical units that

Lost Wedding Band Replacement Etiquette

A wedding band is often someone's most important possession, but it can get lost in the shuffle of life. Between taking it off to swim, exercising or having a job that requires you work with your hands, there are a variety of ways it can be misplaced forever. It's often not hard to find a replaceme

The Nation - Myth Or Reality

In a Europe, which over the last decade has seen the demise of totalitarian regimes and subsequently splintered up into new states, the concept of nationhood and what it really signifies has become one of burning relevance. Britons, Bosnians, Ukrainians and Russians have at least one thing in common

The Transformation Of Political Science And The Rise In Crime Rates

The current field of political sciences is dominated by a multitude of ideas that have never in its history featured so prominently in this discipline. The general belief that it has lost its focus once and for all is from time to time counteracted by different opinions.

Vote For Your Favorite Political Cliche

Congress Is On Vacation For A Couple Of Days: Let's Take A Vote. Since the Congress is taking a couple of days off, let's take this opportunity to look at some of our favorite cliches that come out of the mouths of our politicians, and take a poll of which are your favorites. I have not be

How to Display a Flag From a Building

For thousands of years flags and banners have served as important symbols, helping organizations, armies, states and nations to unite. While we often take it for granted, the United States flag holds tremendous meaning for its citizens, as can be readily seen during a national crisis when flags spri

1980s Communist Leaders

Communism is a type of government that aims to create the equalization of all social classes, while the public has equal ownership of all goods in the country. The 1980s saw many changes to the world of communism as it began to be rejected by leaders worldwide. There are a few main historical figure

Proper Way to Display the Flag

Betsy Ross is often credited for designing the first American flag. In 1777, the Continental Congress adopted the first Flag Act for a flag to be designed of 13 red and white alternating strips and 13 stars. A symbol of the United States, proper etiquette is involved when displaying the "Stars and S

The Coming Election

I am trying to keep an open mind regarding the election to be held in November. I am reading, on the net, all the views of all the candidates. Thank goodness for the net. If we had to depend on the media we would not even know which candidates are running, other than the ones that corporate America

Marriage Ruined The Rule Of King Charles I

Marriage to Henrietta Maria of France, provided a template for the problems that forced King Charles I (1600- 1649) who was the king of England, Scotland, and Ireland (1625-1649) to dissolve parliament and recall it eleven years later.The young democratic nations of Africa withenergized opposition s