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Medieval Armor Types

Medieval armor was a focus of the culture during the middle and late Medieval periods. Armor consists of protective plates and clothing used to shield a human from harm. It also was common to use armor on war animals, including horses and elephants. Each piece of armor has its own name, depending on

Radio Frequency Identification in Humans

Radio frequency identification (RFI) devices, while employing groundbreaking technology, have been almost a half century in development. These devices are useful for a range of purposes, and bear the potential to ensure the health and security of citizens. Nevertheless, many people are apprehensive

Fend Off Financial Worries With Military Loans

Military loans are exclusively designed for those who are serving army persons and who have retired from the service. These loans provide monetary aid and help them to meet their various requirements.

Did China's Military Give Stolen US Technology to North Korea and Iran?

Now then, I'm not one to point thinkers, well that's not really true; I will point fingers back at someone who is pointing theirs at me, or at my country for that matter. In fact, recently a few of the proteges coming up in the Communist Party as the elders pass the torch had mentioned tha

How to Arrange for Burial at a Veteran's Cemetery

When burying a loved one in a veteran's cemetery, it is essential that we honor the dead by providing a proper burial. Veteran’s cemeteries are very well maintained and have rules that ensure your loved one’s final resting place will be one of dignity and peace. Arranging burial for a

Mark, Back From Afghanistan: Lessons I Learned

One year ago, my friend Mark returned from serving in Afghanistan. While he was gone, I was his wife's friend, but I really had no idea what to do. Since his return, I have learned even more. Please read what I have to say, and pass it on.

What Were the Compromises Made Between the North & South in 1877?

The Compromise of 1877 was a deal between Republicans and Democrats. The election of 1876 left 20 electoral votes in dispute, with no clear winner. An Electoral Commission was formed, which decided in favor of Republican Rutherford B. Hayes, but the deal included several compromises. Both sides were

Medieval Tournament Activities

Medieval tournaments gave people in the Middle Ages the chance to enjoy entertainment, socializing and activities. The events and atmosphere provided by medieval tournaments brought together people of all classes, though only certain ranks were allowed to participate in the main events. Some medieva

Unmanned Underwater Vehicle Stealth Tactic - Cloaking In Dense Sea Life

Submarine technology has sure come a long way since the old Nazi U-boats of World War II. There are specially designed propellers, new materials, and better tactics which make it very difficult to find silent running submarines. Nuclear submarines and diesel electric submarines can often be quite qu

The Cold War: A Look At The Myths And Reality Of Berlin

It brought fear to the World. East versus West played each other off in espionage, sabotage, and subversion all played out by deep spy networks. Key events such as the Cuban Missile Crisis almost brought the World to the brink of destruction. Having lived in the heart of West Berlin during the mid e

The Definition of Competitive Conflict

Competitive conflict is defined by its irrationality. Putting it simply, competitive conflict is marked by the desire to win the fight or argument, even if winning costs more and causes more pain than not fighting at all. Costs do not matter in competitive conflict, and therefore, irrationality rema

How Can Students Use Biometric Devices?

Biometric devices are electronic security devices that recognize a physical characteristic of a person as their identification. These devices can scan your retina, your fingerprints, your palm or even recognize your face and voice. As long as you have your biometric profile in the system, using the

How to Freeze Dry Insects

Capturing insects is a tricky proposition. Collecting insects to freeze dry makes the scheme even trickier. Freeze dried insects are often collected by farmers to use as feed. Scientists who accumulate freeze dried insects do so for reasons of experimentation and study of the creatures. It is possib

About the Battle of Scary Creek

The Battle at Scary Creek was one of the first significant Confederate victories of the American Civil War. Although the clash at Scary Creek was the largest battle of the war up to that point, it suffered many flaws. The battle was ripe with inexperience, insufficient arms and general confusion on

Army Facilities' Unisex Bathroom Standards

In 2004 the U.S. Department of Defense issued a memorandum regarding bathroom accessibility, including unisex bathrooms, for the disabled working within any military branch. This memorandum includes unisex bathroom standards for Army buildings both international and domestic.

The Myth That Iraq Had No WMD

Iraqis close to Saddam's WMD program adamantly insist that Saddam had WMD, and that he moved them. Those that come forward with their first hand accounts receive character assassination attempts rather than a thank you. The media would rather brush these WMD accounts aside so that they could co

What Do Army Medals Mean?

The first medal in United States military history was commissioned by Gen. George Washington on Aug. 7, 1782. Known as the Badge of Military Merit, it was later re-commissioned in 1932 as the Purple Heart. Medals have been awarded to soldiers of the United State Army for service as far back as the R

Marine Corp Boot Camp Tips

Being in the Marine Corp boot camp is certainly not easy but there are things you can do to make your life less painful during the 13-week intense training you would have to go through. The Marine's boot camp is said to the toughest boot camp of the United States Armed Services aside from it&ap