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A Fish Story

Today, my fish died. It was very sad.

Bed Bug: "We're Not That Snug"

New York City's Bed Bug problem escalated this weekend when thousands of bed bugs were found loitering inside the Empire State Building.

The Time Bomb

A political cartoon about the sequester.

Shakeup Plan

A political cartoon about John McCain and Sarah Palin plans for more of the same.

Sex, Violence, Or Stupidity - The Future of Movie Ratings

There's no consistency to movie ratings anymore.Does anyone really even pay attention to them these days?Is there anything in an R rated movie that isn't already shown on most any TV network? I mean, when Disney puts out movies like "Pirates of the Caribbean" where the "good

Kid Kremlin - Putin Punches Back

You don't have to be a boxing buff to enjoy the deft moves of Vladimir Putin, the world's first KGB-trained boxer. What a punching style. He can deliver a left cross and right cross so fast that observers at ringside have called it a double cross.Let's go to the main event - the polit

Airport Insecurity

A political cartoon about airport security and full body scanners.

Mad As Hell

A political cartoon about the logic (or lack thereof) behind the tea party protests.

CVS and Tobacco

A cartoon about tobacco banning the sale of tobacco in stores.

Moose in Headlights

A funny captioned picture of Sarah Palin as a mooose caught in headlights after being unable to explain what the Bush Doctrine is.


An editorial cartoon about 2008 presidential campaign and the candidates of change.


A political cartoon depicting Sarah Palin being kept in a bubble isolated from the media.

Bush's Brain

A funny editorial cartoon depicting Karl Rove as Bush's brain.