Where Are Fuel Injectors Located on a 2.5 Liter TJ Wrangler?

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How to Locate the Alternator on a Jeep Cherokee

Before you can replace or repair the alternator in your 2001 Jeep Cherokee, you have to find it. Jeep did a great job of hiding it on the Cherokee so if you do not immediately see it do not feel bad. You are not the first to scratch your head and wonder where they put it. The alternator has a long l

Conditions of Demand That Can Cause the Shift in Market Hybrid Cars

When gas prices rise, people buy hybrids instead of gas-guzzling SUVs like this one.suv car cadillac escalade on the road image by alma_sacra from Fotolia.comHybrid cars, which combine normal internal combustion engines with electrical motors, have been growing in popularity because they...

Choose CNG Over Petrol and Diesel

CNG is one of the cleanest fuels available in the market today. It is a very good substitute for petrol and diesel as it is way greener than these fuels. Also, the running cost of a car on CNG is much less as compared to petrol and diesel. Therefore, converting your car engine to CNG is a very good

How Do Nitrous Solenoids Work?

IntroductionNitrous oxide is an accelerant much like an oxy acetylene torch. When the acetylene gas is turned on and ignited, it burns cool and with excessive smoke. Add oxygen to the acetylene, and all of a sudden, the flame jumps to in excess of 1800 degrees. Nitrous oxide accelerates...

How To Save On Gas And Get Better Gas Mileage

If you need to save money on gas, get increased fuel economy and increase gas mileage, this report will give you the single best way to save money without forking out a fortune on a new vehicle. We all need to save money on gas with gas prices going through the roof, use this report to help yourself

Why You Should Buy A CNG Car

CNG cars are the next wave of green technology to hit the automotive market. If you want to start saving the environment, then you need to get a CNG car today!

What Is a Flex Fuel Dodge Caravan?

The Dodge Caravan is a minivan last produced by Chrysler in 2007. As of the 2011 model year, only the extended wheelbase Dodge Grand Caravan is available. These minivans run on gasoline, but some models are manufactured to use an ethanol blend, making them flex fuel vehicles.

Hybrid Horsepower And The Motoring Enthusiast

While early generations of hybrids like the Prius were indeed geared toward operating economy, the newer generations of hybrids are making motorheads sit up and take notice. Love them or hate 'em, hybrids are here to stay.

A Solar Car - Now That's a Hot Idea, But Will It Work?

The hot sunny day and sun's rays were beating down on the thin solar panel body of the all-electric car. The solar cells were keeping the batteries charged and bringing them up to maximum capacity after yesterday's 20-mile round trip drive to downtown for shopping and brunch at the Bistro.

Reva Electric Cars

The Reva electric car company was initially a joint venture between Maini Group of India and a group of Californian investors who were willing to take a gamble on this new but relatively immature market. Even though the company has yet to report a profit, ploughing all income backing to research and

How Do Hybrid Propulsion Systems Work?

A hybrid vehicle contains both a gasoline engine and an electric motor and battery. An onboard computer controller uses the advantages of each to negate their respective disadvantages.

How Does the Chevy Malibu Hybrid Work?

The Chevrolet Malibu hybrid is a hybrid-electric sedan produced by American automaker General Motors between 2008 and 2010. The Malibu hybrid is very similar to the conventional Malibu, which solely uses a gas engine. Despite a nearly identical appearance, the inner workings of the Malibu hybrid are

Problems With Hydrogen Fuels

As the price of fuel rises, industries are beginning to look for alternative sources of energy. Hydrogen, a renewable energy source, is considered by some as a possible solution. Hydrogen is readily available and does not give off as much pollution as burning oil. However, there are several problems

Water for Gas - The Incredible Benefits

Yes, you have read this correctly. Water for gas basically means that you can now use the former as an alternative for the latter. Gas consumption is at an all time high. All vehicles and machineries in different industries all over the world make use of this very efficient fuel nowadays.

History of the Electric Battery Car and the Fastest Men on Earth Up to 1900

Many people think that battery powered (electric) cars are something new spawned by the Green debate when in fact battery power led the innovation of motorised transport with the earliest attempts dating back to the 1830s. Not only were they the preferred type of vehicle up until the early 1920s but

Electric Vehicle (EV) Conversion - Should You Choose an AC or DC Motor?

One of the choices you will have to make when undertaking an electric vehicle conversion is deciding whether to install an AC or a DC motor. Both have different characteristics and challenges associated with them. So which is right for you? The following points may help you to decide.

Benefits Of Buying An Electric Car - Tax Credits Worldwide

In most developed countries and some developing countries, electric car tax credit system is already implemented and this system allows buyers to save a significant amount of money on a new purchase of an electric car. Some countries also offer subsidies for electric car conversion kits and this wil

Cons of Owning a Hybrid Car

Hybrid cars are becoming more popular these days with the rising concern of air pollution, global warming and dependence on foreign oil. For the most part, hybrid cars get superior gas mileage over traditional gasoline-powered vehicles, and that is what attracts many drivers to the hybrid...