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Tropical Trees in Georgia

The most important consideration to how well a tropical tree will grow outside the tropics is its ability to withstand cold weather. Georgia is a state of contrast. Although the northwestern part of the state is mountainous and can be quite cold, the southeastern part is subtropical. The...

How to Grow Jasmine Berries

Jasmine plants are native to the West Indies and tropical regions of America, but are hardy and can be grown almost anywhere with enough care and attention. Jasmine plants become medium-sized shrubs with dark, smooth green leaves that grow 4 to 12 feet in diameter. Small, green and white flowers blo

How to Prune Roses After Bloom

By pruning, tying and working with the natural growth habit of roses, you can achieve a look of controlled wildness. Planting roses during dormant seasons and pruning them just after bloom, ensures your rose bushes will produce quality roses. If you desire to watch your roses crawl and climb, build

Why Do My Tall & Beautiful Tomato Plants Not Have One Tomato?

While the tomato is America's most popular home gardening crop, and the fruits are known all over the world for their variety of flavors, growing tomatoes is not always easy. If a tomato plant has the correct conditions, it can produce many fruits, but missing just one condition, such as enough wate

Fig Tree That Produces Fruit Year-Round

Names can be deceptive, and the "everbearing" fig cultivars set up gardeners for disappointment. All fig trees are deciduous, losing their leaves and going dormant in the winter. Fig fruit appears only during growing season, spring through early fall. Although everbearing fig cultivars do not live u

Shade & Drought-Tolerant Grasses

If you have an empty, shady and dry site in your landscape, grow ornamental grass. These versatile plants come in a wide range of forms, colors and foliage types. Some even produce attractive flowers or inflorescences. Ornamental grasses also provide added layers of interest to your garden through

Nematodes in Compost

Nematodes in compost are a blessing because they eat organic residues and contribute organic compounds to the decomposition process. Nematodes eat voraciously, devouring decaying vegetation, bacteria, microbes and other invertebrates, enriching the compost. They also tunnel as they feed, aerating th

Brazilian Flowers That Bloom at Night

Night-blooming flowers often have unusual pollinators.moth image by Colette MacDonald from Fotolia.comNight-blooming flowers are a secret delight. As you walk through the garden in the evening, these flowers are just opening up, spreading their beauty and their scent around the garden....

Fusarium Root Rot

Fusarium root rot is a fungal disease that is caused by Gusarium solani. This disease commonly infects beans and sweet potatoes. This fungus severely damages the root systems of infected plants, eventually causing them to shrivel and mummify.

How to Care for Concord Grapevines

The sweet yet distinctly tart Concord grape originates from its namesake town, Concord, Massachusetts, and is a variety of grape developed by Ephraim Wales Bull in 1849. Over 400,000 tons of Concord grapes are harvested and sold annually, attesting to its popularity. Growing

The Botanical Name of Bougainvillea

Visit any subtropical or tropical land and you'll likely see magnificent flowering specimens of the bougainvillea vine. Also commonly called paper flower, Bougainvillea also is the botanical genus name. Bougainvillea comprises 18 species of woody plants -- both shrubby vines and trees -- native to S

Jasmine Flower Colors

White is not the only color for jasmine flowersBrand X Pictures/Brand X Pictures/Getty ImagesJasmine is a flowering shrub with over 200 varieties that bloom at different times of the year. Its flowers can appear as solitary blossoms or bloom in clusters and are usually white, off-white,...

Valerian Root & Kava Comparison

Kava comes from the dried root of Piper methysticum, a plant native to islands in the South Pacific. Valerian originated in Asia and Europe, though it is now found in North America as well. Consult a medical professional before using either supplement.

Effect of Different Types of Manure on Tomato Plants?

Tomatoes will grow in any soil. Choosing to plant tomatoes in a clay or sandy soil will result in spindly plants producing small, cracked tomatoes with green tops and pale red bottoms. Once a rich supply of dry manure is added to these soils, there will be an amazing transformation of the plants an

When to Prune Orange Trees in AZ

Arizona's hot, dry climate is an ideal environment for citrus trees. Fresh oranges are an ample source of many vitamins, including vitamin C, B complex and folic acid. Oranges can be squeezed for juice, used in marinades and sauces, or cooked into marmalade. Whether you are growing blood oranges, ta

How to Plant Wisteria Vertically

Wisteria produces violet-blue blooms in mid to late spring. Growing on a woody vine, the 8- to 15-inch scented blooms all open at the same time. Both the Chinese and Japanese varieties of wisteria, which are the most popular for growing at home, are capable of reaching lengths up to 25 feet. Grow wi

My Pepper Plants Are Turning Yellow

If you notice your pepper plants are becoming increasingly yellow, your plants are likely dealing with a virus. As pepper plants are susceptible to a wide variety of problems including fungal and bacterial infections as well as pest infestations, observe symptoms carefully for an accurate diagnosis.

Fast Growing & Drought Resistant Trees

A healthy fast growing drought resistant tree requires a combination of nature and nurture. Even though a tree is genetically predisposed to these attributes, it cannot reach its full potential without the right growing conditions. Select trees that naturally thrive in the type of soil present and t

When Do Hedge Balls Start to Fall?

The hedge ball is just one of the names for the fruit of the Osage orange. They are also known as horse apples, monkey balls, mock orange and green brains. The tree itself is known by the French name of bodark and scientifically as Maclura pomifera. The trees, planted as hedges, were used to contain

How to Grow Tomatoes With Florescents

Tomatoes are hardy plants that grow well in traditional gardens but are equally well suited to life as container plants. To make growing tomatoes even more convenient, these plants can grow indoors as long as proper light requirements are met. Outdoors, tomatoes require at least six hours of direct