How to Make a Mini Waterfall

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Solar Blankets - A Smart Buy for Your Pool

Swimming pools can be enhanced with the addition of pool heating elements. However they can be expensive. An alternative would be solar blankets.Read on to learn more.

Endless Swimming Pools - Swim Forever

Endless pools are basically small sized swimming pools which are designed with the main purpose of providing aerobic exercise to a swimmer. Similar to the principle applied in the treadmill, a swimming machine is installed in the pool.

How to Clean & Maintain a Hot Tub

Your hot tub requires maintenance to keep the tub looking its best; plus, to prevent residue and bacteria from accumulating. Aside from cleaning the surface walls of the hot tub, you also need to clean the tub jets, because this is where much of the buildup and bacteria settles. A few mild cleaning

Causes of Cloudy Swimming Pool Water

Many things can cause a cloudy appearance in your pool water. Most have to do with proper water chemistry while others are a result of filter maintenance. Cloudy pool water should be cleared up right away as it's an early warning sign of bacteria growth. If the cloudy pool water is left unattended,

Polaris 180 Troubleshooting

Automatic pool cleaners reduce the manual maintenance time required by pools. A cleaner like the Polaris model 180 moves over the majority of all pool surfaces, using pressure from a booster pump to remove debris and dirt from the surface. Water from the pump runs through the Polaris 180's hose syst

How to Repair Gunite Swimming Pools

Gunite pools are a common choice because they are built to be irregularly-shaped, and are made with numerous materials such as concrete and stone. Over time, the pool can crack because of natural weathering or forced damage. Either way, you have the ability to repair the pool on your own without pr

How to Install a Pelikan Nib Into a Fountain Pen

A signature fountain pen can make an impressive design statement, and a pen with a Pelikan nib is often as much art as it is functional. Most Pelikan nibs are made with 18 karat gold, giving them a fine look and functionality that can last for years. Changing the nib on your fountain pen can be a de

Victorian-Style Garden Furniture

One of the volumes for the auction of Michael Jackson's Neverland estate features garden statuary and outdoor furniture. While Neverland is nevermore, back in its heyday, the 2,500-acre compound boasted an amusement park, zoo, statuary and patio furniture. On opening day of the Jackson collecti

Wooden Hot Tubs

Wooden Hot Tubs, popularly made from cedar, teak, or redwood, transport one back to an earlier time period. Nowadays, they are more popular with the sort of people who are "green" minded or environmentally friendly. Sinking into a handcrafted wooden hot tub is an experience that promotes a

How to Use a Pool Skimmer Diverter Plate

Skimmers pull water off the top of the pool, filter large debris out of it using a skimmer basket, then send the water to the pump and filter for further cleaning. Some skimmers contain a line for sending water to the pump and a main drain line. Diverter plates, when placed over the skimmer holes, a

How to Heat Up Your Outdoor Space

Don't let the party on your patio end when the sun goes down. Find a way to heat things up with this guide to recreational fire pits, fireplaces and outdoor heating sources.

How to Remove Iron in Pool Water

A swimming pool with a high iron content can be a real nuisance. In addition to the toxic nature of iron, it can also tint the water's color. To top it off, typical pool filters cannot remove iron from the water. However, by adding extra chlorine to the water, you can oxidize the iron to form fer

How to Install a Pentair Pool Chlorinator

A Pentair Pool Chlorinator is a small unit that works with the pump to move water through two electrolytic cells. These cells break the salt into sodium and chloride, turning ordinary table salt into chlorine that cleans the pool. The chlorinator is installed along the pool's filtration system, and

Non Toxic Pool Service

Keeping the backyard pool fresh and sparkling clean is a lot of hard work, it also needs a lot of chemicals. These chemicals are hard on our hair, our eyes, our skin and our clothing as well. They are also bad for the environment.

Is Your Swimming Pool Plant Designed Correctly?

I have been asked recently by some resort managers will a variable speed pool pump save me money and what effect, if any, will the pump have on the pool heater. Firstly most resort pools in accordance with Queensland Health Swimming Pool and Operational Guidelines fall into a Category Two Type Pool.

Green Pool Lighting - Watts Happening

The modern world is an electrified world. The light bulb, in particular, profoundly changed human existence by illuminating the night and making it hospitable to a wide range of human activity.

Above Ground Pool Heaters - A Solar Alternative

Above ground pool heaters have come a long way in the past few years. Solar energy is now the chosen medium of energy for thousands of home and pool owners. An investment paying back each day the sun rises.

A Pool Service Can Help You Decide If a Pool Works for You

In addition to being a great way to stay cool on hot days, a swimming pool can be as much of an investment as your home or as your car, and could even add value to your home. However, there is a certain amount of maintenance required, so if you are considering putting in a pool or purchasing a home

How to Design & Build a Water Feature

Design and build a simple water feature for your patio or garden with a wrought iron planter that hangs on the wall or stands alone. Add a colorful ceramic flowerpot with white stones and seashells or an earthier terra-cotta pot with river rock. Select the design and scale of your water feature base

Ice Punch™

Meet Ice Punch™, a striking award-winning poinsettia that was the 2008 beauty queen. A fabulous example of a poinsettia with a patterned bract, this cultivar features cranberry and frosty white coloring. Encinitas, California, is where many of the world's top flower growers produce the most bre