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Bed Bug Treatment For the Home and Bites

Bed bugs are pests. It feeds on the blood of humans and other warm blooded animals. You can usually find them in mattresses, sofas, pillows, luggage and others.

Getting Rid of Fruit Flies

For those individuals that are not aware of what fruit flies are, they are small minute flies that thrive off openly placed food and kill the nutrients off the food material thereby making it impossible for human consumption. Fruit flies generally grow in unhygienic places and thrive off areas where

Controlling Bed Bugs-Common Methods

Bed Bugs! The thought of them gives an itchy feeling to your skin! They are the biggest problem faced in many homes, hostels and hotels. They multiply so fast. The female bug has the capacity of layin

How to Recognize Dangerous Spiders

There are a variety of aggressive spiders that present a threat to your family and pets. Don't miss out on this important information to stay safe!

About Spiders and Why They're a Danger to You in Your Home

When people think of pest control and prevention in their homes, they don't necessarily think of spiders. But these creepy, crawly critters pose a real problem for Tampa homeowners because of their potential danger. Read on to learn more.

How Do You Get Bed Bugs?

There are a few well-known ways that bed bugs can infest your home or dwelling. Learn how you get bed bugs and you can start protecting your home today.

Choosing a Safe Pest Control Product

Most pest control products on the market today are tightly controlled by the EPA. However, there are green pest control products that are exempt - meaning they are safe and do not require EPA registration. Find out the difference and what is the safest option for your pest control needs.

White Pine Aphids Can Be Found Wherever White Pines Are Growing

The White Pine Aphid, Cinara strobi (Fitch), Aphididae, HEMIPTERA, can be found wherever the Eastern White Pine (Pinus Strobus) is cultivated and grown. The body is shiny dark brown with a white stripe down the center of the back. Its legs are long and black.

Carpenter Ant Facts

One of the largest ants that are commonly found in the United States is the carpenter ant. They are well known for invading and infesting homes and if they are not discover early, may cause serious damage to the building structural. Although there are many different species around, the two most comm

Realizing What Type of Rodents Swarmed Your Home

Although many people usually do not find the demand for having the capacity to determine a mouse from a rat or various other rodents, there actually are top notch benefits whenever one does comprehend the way to do it. By way of example, the homeowner might be able to quickly determine which kind of

Ant Exterminator

How do you kill off ants? You can always hire an ant exterminator or simply be one yourself! Here are some different things you can do to help you get rid of ants once and for all...

How To Keep Your Family Safe When Using Pesticides

This article looks at both the possible threats posed by the overuse of pesticides in the home and some better options for getting rid of these problems in the first place. You'll also find out whether or not products meant for one pest can be used for another.

How to Control Pests and Termites

Controlling pests has become difficult as they are getting more resistant even to the latest pesticides. This because of the irresponsible behavior of humans regarding pest control.

Where To View Dust Mite Pictures

If a person has never seen one of these organisms, they might be curious about what they will find in dust mite pictures. There are a variety of places where one might find such images. They are generally microscopic, so they are not viewed with the naked eye. All images are greatly enhanced or magn