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Fall Cleanup and Preparing Your Landscaping for Winter

Red, orange, yellow, and brown colors everywhere says it's fall time. This year don't dread the changing of the leaves and be prepared, a good fall cleanup is an important part of maintaining your landscaping investment. A little care in the fall will help prevent disease and prepare your

How to Plan an Outdoor Deck

An outdoor deck can be a great addition to any house. Decks are perfect for family and social gatherings, specifically when the weather is nice. A good deck can also increase the property value of a home. However, building a deck is not as simple as buying some wood and hammering it together. Many f

Repairing Chimney Flashing Yourself

In most construction the chimney is not attached to the frame of the house. And this makes the area around the chimney vulnerable to leaks over time as the house settles. If you are noticing water spots on the ceiling near the chimney area, it is a good indication that there is a problem with the ch

Wood Edging for Landscaping

Wood is an affordable, versatile material to use for framing gardens and walkways. Whether you want to reuse stock lumber or remaining post ends from fencing, wood edging reduces overall maintenance by blocking weeds and wayward grass from encroaching on paths and flowerbeds. If you're undecided on

How to Build a Deer Proof Fence for a Garden

Gardens provide fresh produce and a sense of connectivity to the earth. Unfortunately, of all the pests to which a garden is vulnerable, deer are doubly destructive: They can trample plants as well as eat them. According to Leonard Perry, Ph.D., an extension professor with the University of Vermont,

What Is Pampas Grass?

Pampas grass (Cortaderia selloana) is a perennial ornamental grass native to Argentina, Brazil and Chile so skilled at using the wind to self-propagate that in some regions, nurseries have stopped selling it, according to "Sunset Western Garden Book." In fact, the book recommends pulling any clumps

When Does St. Augustine Grass Start to Yellow?

St. Augustinegrass (Stenotaphrum secundatum) is a perennial, warm-season grass native to Western Africa, West Indies and the Gulf of Mexico region. The vigorously growing grass grows best in regions with hot climate. It is used extensively along the U.S. Gulf Coast. St. Augustinegrass prefers sandy

How to Paint Concrete Lawn Ornaments

Concrete lawn ornaments can bring beauty and character to your garden or front yard. These ornaments are often purchased unpainted which allows you to decorate them to suit your own personal color scheme or outdoor theme. Painting concrete lawn ornaments is a simple process but you must be sure to p

Choice of Paving Materials

Choosing the right paving materials - Ok so you have been thinking about paving an area of your house, but where to start? Well The first place to start is the type of material to choose.

Brown Spots on Grass Blades

It can be is sometimes very difficult to determine the cause of brown spots on blades of grass. Disease, insects and improper care can cause brown spots on the individual blades of grass. Overfertilization, poor soil, improper pH, blade height, gasoline spillage, improper use of pesticides, and eve

How to Use an Automotive Battery in a Lawn Mower

A riding lawn mower typically uses a 12 volt lead-acid battery. For many lawn mowers, the battery only lasts for one season; therefore it may be necessary to purchase a new lawn mower battery at least once a year.An automobile battery is also a 12 volt lead-acid battery. Automotive batte

How to Get Rid of Wild Mustang Grapes

Wild mustang grapes (Vitis mustangensis), found in areas of the southern United States in U.S. Department of Agriculture plant hardiness zones 7 through 9, are perennial vines that can grow over 75 feet long. The wild mustang grapevine features a fast growth habit and recognizable foliage with velve

Stone Fire Pits: Increase Your Relaxation Value

There are certain wonderful smells that define summer and good times. Camp fires and roasted marshmallows have to be on the top of that list. There is something almost magical about sitting around a crackling fire with friends and family on a cool summer night. Now many homeowners are increasing the

How Long Until Signs of Dying With Roundup Weed Killer?

Use warm weather warfare to attack nuisance plants with Roundup, a broad-spectrum weed killer that roots out invaders in flowerbeds, around trees, along driveways, walkways, sidewalk cracks, fence lines and foundations. It works best on actively growing plants in temperatures between 60 to 85 degree

How to Insulate Roll Formed Aluminum Pans

A roll formed aluminum pan roof is a specialized form of metal roofing panels. These panels are designed to make installing a metal roof simple and effective against all forms of weathering. The aluminum pans have a three-dimensional shape that is easy to install. The proper insulation of a rolled a

Deck to Paver Patio Ideas

A typical wooden deck.deck image by Albert Lozano from Fotolia.comYou could just build the deck and patio any old way and not worry about whether they go well together or make a smooth transition from one to the other, but since it generally costs no more to do the job in an aesthetically...

Landscape Lighting Benefits and Options

Landscape lighting is intended to reveal what the night hides and should enhance the property, extend the hours of enjoyment and provide security and safety for property owners and guests. In addition to the obvious benefit of being able to enjoy your yard in the evening, as well as the day, lightin

How to Deal With Weeds on Your Lawn

To completely rid your lawn of weeds is not going to be an achievable goal. It would take too much trouble and the result wouldn't be worth the effort. It is okay to leave a few weeds here and there. In fact your lawn would benefit from the warmth by leaving a few weeds alone.

How to Break a Concrete Fence

If you are looking to replace your concrete fence, breaking the blocks is the easiest ways to remove the wall. Removing concrete can make way for more natural fencing materials such as wood or bamboo, which offer the yard a more green look to complement the landscaping. Breaking down the existing co

Quality Wooden Gates - Things You Must Consider

Wooden gates are in trend owing to the appealing decor value as well as its long lasting durability. Apart from this, you get to ensure an environment friendly and convenient option for your home as well. You can get hand-made timber gates, specially crafted to meet your needs. For every functional