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RC Planes Trains and Automobiles

If you're looking for fun RC boats, cars, planes and helicopters are the way to go. While RC trains, RC cars, RC airplanes, and RC boats are all incredibly popular hobbyist pastimes, truly the most incredible of all RC options are RC helicopters.When it comes to the RC helicopter there is no su

O Scale Trains

O Scale trains were once the most common scale of model trains Introduced in 1900 by Marklin, a German toy manufacturer. O Scale trains were primarily produced in Germany and continued to grow in popularity until World War II, where (for some reason) German manufactured products fell out of favor.

Quick Facts About the Best of the Best Embroidery Machines

One of the most innovative machinery man ever created is the embroidery machine. It improve the time spent making embroidery pattern or design, making your job more efficient. As a hobbyist, you may have heard about Husqvarna Viking Designer 1 and Singer Quantum XL-6000.

DIY: Washi Tape Pencil Teacher's Gift

We're making a few fun pencil crafts to gift to our teachers. Personalize these fun pencils with washi tape and let them know they're loved. Here's the step-by-step instructions to make these washi tape pencils for teacher!

Secrets To Bigger Crystals With A Crystal Growing Kit

If you've ever grown crystals, you have learned that bigger is always better. Everyone wants to make the biggest crystals. This article reveals the secrets to growing bigger crystals with or without the help of a crystal growing science kit.

Diecast Model Cars Are For Big Kids Too

This article talks about diecast cars and their history. It also quotes some things that you will need to be careful with if you decide to buy some.

Collecting Diecast Model Cars

If you are just beginning to collect you would be wise to start by checking out magazines and books about diecast collectibles. You will get an idea of what is available and what is the popular in the market.

Finding Genuine Asian Antiques

Asian antiques are extremely popular today, as they have been for many years. Many people find them charming, interesting, and impressively unusual compared to the type of furniture and art that is found in other regions of the world.

The Best Auctions for Vintage Halloween Collectibles

Auctions are the place to find vintage Halloween collectibles.halloween image by Silviu G. Halmaghi from Fotolia.comIf you are searching for a vintage Halloween collectible to add to your collection, you can find them at a variety of auctions throughout the country. Depending on your...

Donuts and Doughboys

Collectors of antique toy soldiers and figures have long known that good things come in small packages, and that ever-growing legion of enthusiasts helped push the total for Old Toy Soldier's Nov. 21 auction to $193,000

Treasure Hunting For Lake Superior Agates

Did you know that the official gemstones of the state of Minnesota are called agates?Of all the beautiful rocks and gemstones that could have been considered, these beautiful stones that are readily available along so many beachfronts of that state are so treasured that they now have that official t

Just Whats A Webkinz Stuffed Animal

Webkinz stuffed animals can be compared to the Beanie Babies which were in high demand several years ago. Both of these products have created large numbers of fans, including both adults and children, and mark stuffed animals as one of the best-selling toys on the market.

Document and Photo Preservation

Do you hold old documents? Are you a genealogist? Do you have a desire to preserve old photos for younger generations? If you are wondering what to do with all the old paper that describes the life of your ancestors, you might want to archival frame some of them. When the original documents are gone

Toys to Digital Model Train Sets

Originally a toy company that specialized in doll house accessories, Marklin found its name and fame spreading with the branching and developing the model railways. The first ones were the wind-up trains with cars that ran on tracks. These tracks could be expanded and extended.

Paper Mache Rabbit

See a photograph of a paper mache rabbit submitted by Robin Norris.

Pinstriping Supplies - Buying and Caring For Your Pinstriping Equipment

When it comes to pinstriping any vehicle it is crucial that you have the right tools for the job. As you will soon discover when you start searching for pinstriping supplies there are many different types to choose from. However, not only will you need equipment to do the work but also to take care

Several Easy Steps For Finding Cheap Building Materials

Getting cheap building materials is the most important thing for those who would like to build anything because it can save more money. To help you in finding the best materials for your needs, carefulness is the most important thing you need to perform so you will not make any mistake that can caus