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About Adaptogenic Herbs

Adaptogenic herbs are touted as ingredients in a variety of herbal formulas. Natural health practitioners recommend them for their ability to help people and animals adapt to stress and other challenges to physical health. Many herbs are actually adaptogenic, but their properties may hold best only

Natural Supplements to Increase Energy

Natural supplements can increase your energy.Vitamins and Supplements image by Scott Griessel from Fotolia.comWhen you are feeling drowsy or just wake up knowing it will be a long day your first reaction may be to reach for an energy drink or soda. These energy boosting standbys will in...

Supplements to Aid Low-Carb Diets

Dr. Atkins, the pioneer of low-carb diets, always acknowledged that the induction phase of his diet was drastic and not sustainable as a permanent lifestyle. But the virtually zero-carb diet of mostly meats, eggs and cheese was never intended to be a lifestyle choice, only a temporary shock to the s

Liver Inflammation Remedies

Liver inflammation is caused by the virus hepatitis. Several strains of hepatitis have been identified, ranging in severity. Hepatitis A is highly contagious and typically caused by consuming food contaminated with fecal matter. Hepatitis B is a virus which can be transmitted through blood, semen an

Carb Counting Tips for People With Diabetes

If you have diabetes, you should be careful that everything you eat and drink falls within the guidelines for good glucose control. Since it's not possible to have detailed information about all your foods with you all the time, you can follow some acceptable shortcuts to track what you eat and stay

What Are the Benefits of Aloe Vera Plants?

Aloe vera, a succulent plant known for its distinctive look and healing properties, is commonly applied for its soothing and anti-inflammatory benefits, most typically to treat sunburns.

Best Healthy Eating Plans

Losing weight can be difficult, which can make people think about taking drastic measures, such as undergoing dangerous liposuction procedures or taking diet pills. Surgeries and pills are not necessary, however, if you eat certain foods and follow a 1,500-calorie daily diet. This will allow you to

How to Extract Yohimbe With Alcohol

Yohimbe bark is used traditionally as an aphrodisiac for both men and women. Yohimbe is also used by herbalists to treat depression. Most of the time, Yohimbe is taken either as tea, or in a tablet or capsule. Although Yohimbe extracts may not contain as much active ingredient as the oth

What Is in Bottled Water?

The only type of bottled water you can be certain contains only water is labeled "distilled." Some water labeled "purified" has minerals added to it. Other types of bottled water contain a low level of ingredients besides the water. Some have added or naturally-occurring minerals

Home Remedy for External Hemroids

Hemorrhoids are a common ailment that affect men and women. People are generally afraid to discuss the issue of hemorrhoids with their health care provider because they find the topic embarrassing. By the age of 50, 50 percent of people have experienced the effects of hemorrhoids. There are many way

Home Remedy for Stuffed Nose & Sore Throat

A stuffed nose and sore throat may be due to a cold or allergies. Home remedies can help relieve the discomfort and pain without medications. Many of these remedies use common household items, so they're readily available when you need them. See a doctor if your symptoms persist for more than a week

Wheatgrass & Humaworm

If you spend much time in health food stores, it's likely that terms such as wheatgrass and humaworm ring a bell. Both are used to restore health by ingesting natural foodstuffs, but they work in very different ways. Wheatgrass is made from the wheat plant and eaten to promote an array of health ben

What Are PCBs?

As environmental awareness is a concern of many, we learn more about contaminants poisoning our surroundings. One such deadly compound is PCB, or polychlorinated biphenyl, which has been widely used by electrical and industrial manufacturers in the US. Despite the ban in 1979, there are remaining ri

How to Get CPR and Pool Safety Training in Hesperia

To work as a lifeguard, CPR and swimming pool safety training are a necessity. For a smart parent or frequent swimmer, these courses don't hurt, either. Hesperia, California, is a small community in the high desert. However, while there aren't many options--there are resources for this kind of train

Parboiled Rice Nutrition

Parboiled rice is a nutritious type of rice, as it is partially cooked while still in the husk. This form of cleaning and processing rice brings out multiple nutritional benefits that may make it a good fit for your diet.

Povidone Side Effects

Povidone is a broad spectrum antimicrobial that is used predominantly in the operating room as a skin cleanser prior to surgical incisions. Povidine is also used in mouth washes, ointments and douche solutions. Some people are allergic to the iodine that povidone includes so it is important to be on

DIY Natural Shower Cleaner

Nothing is worse than attempting to clean yourself in a grimy, mold-covered shower. Showers and bathtubs are prone to several kinds of stains, including soap scum and mildew. Many people buy household cleaners to remove these stains, but these products are filled with chemicals. A safer, natural alt

How to Hydrate the Scalp

Itchy, flaky skin on the scalp, commonly known as dandruff, can actually be caused by dry skin, according to the Mayo Clinic website. Although dandruff can be annoying and embarrassing, when dry skin is the cause, it is often easily treatable. Hydrating the scalp can put an end to itchy, dry skin an

Home Remedies for Split Ends

Split ends, or trichoptlosis, occur when the cuticle that protects the hair strand is damaged and stripped away, leaving the ends to split. We can't heal them permanently: The only way to get rid of them is to cut them off. But for a temporary fix and smoother ends, try these home remedies.

How to Be a Friend to a Bulimic

Eating disorders can be incredibly difficult to overcome because they aren't just about food -- they're about poor body image and low self-esteem. According to The National Institute of Mental Health, bulimia is characterized by incidents of binge eating, followed by behavior intended to offset the