The Importance of Being a Positive Role Model For Your Child

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An Honest James Lehman Author Review

This is an honest review of parenting-help professional James Lehman. He is the author of the top selling parenting product The Total Transformation Program.

Building Academic Skills With Children - Flash Cards!

Flash cards have been found to be incredibly useful for helping children learn colours, shapes, words and math, along with attaining other advanced skills. Flash cards mainly give children a skill base that children will later develop, allowing them to comprehend more advanced education.

What Are Physical Characteristics That Are Passed Down From Parents?

There are a wide range of physical traits that are passed down from parents to offspring, many of which you can see and some which you cannot. There is, however, some amount of luck with genetic inheritance. The chances of a person inheriting a genetic trait are based on the unique combination of ge

How to Assign Age-Appropriate Chores

"You are just trying to make me miserable!" How many times have you heard this from your children when you assign them new or additional chores to do around the house? You know you are only trying to teach them responsibility, yet this isn't how they see it. They complain about their chor

The Magic School Bus Science Kit - The Mysteries of Rainbows

The Magic School Bus Science Kit series from Young Scientists is a series of easy to do, fun filled science experiments which every child will be fascinated with. The Magic School Bus science kit series in association with Scholastic, Inc includes titles like The Magic of Rainbows, The Journey into

Clothes Dryer Safety

From the Consumer Product Safety Commission, information you need to know to keep your clothes dryer from overheating and possibly causing a house fire.

Spring Fever - Don't Let Your Children Slack In School!

From a teacher's point of view, this time of year can be a challenge in the classroom.Everyone has spring fever.The weather is getting prettier, it's warm outside, and there are only two or three more months of school left before summer vacation.

Mobo Mini Cruiser: A Three Wheeled Bicycle for Kids

The Mobo Mini Cruiser is a fun, fashionable and high quality three wheeled bicycle for kids. After seeing how unique and cool this bike is, on-lookers are sure to be searching the internet for their own adult tricycle.

When Your Preemie's in the NICU

A parent's guide for what to do when your premature baby is in the NICU. Nothing is more painful than leaving the hospital without your new baby but here are some tips to help you through this time.

Baby Sleep: Expert Q & A

Should you wake your baby for feedings? How many naps does baby need? Is co-sleeping OK? Our expert answers some of the most common baby sleep questions.

Bottlefeeding Guidelines

Although breastfeeding is best, many new parents may find it isn't feasible. In these cases, parents are dependent on bottle-feeding to nourish their babies. Babies can be bottle-fed either infant formula or breast milk expressed via a pump. The first thing parents need to do is choose a bottle for

The Difference Between Baby Cradle Styles

Shopping for baby furniture can be a little overwhelming at first glance. Before deciding on a baby cradle, be aware of the different options and what will be the best fit for the family.