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Hip Pain Remedies

Your hips provide protection to your organs and give your legs their range of motion. Hip joints are subject to injuries like dislocation where the thigh bone does not connect to the hip bone. They are also a prime spot for arthritis to set in. The many muscles involved in the hips can also become s

How to Dress a Stasis Leg Ulcer Wound

Stasis leg ulcer wounds typically appear low on the legs, near the ankle. If you have a mild to moderate wound you can treat it at home. However, these wounds may become serious and require medical interventions. If home treatment doesn't heal your wound, see a doctor immediately. Leg ulcer wounds a

How Do I Relieve Stress Muscle Aches?

Stress is a potent and common characteristic of everyday life. It not only causes muscle aches but can aggravate blood pressure levels, indigestion and chemical balance. Fortunately, there are several easy, accessible methods of relieving stress and any muscle aches associated with it. Methods may i

Causes of Lateral Knee Pain

The knees are one of the most important and used parts of the body. They allow us to move and get around while going up and down stairs. They help us bend down lower so that we can pick things up. They are used constantly throughout any given day, so when they hurt we notice ... immediately. The onl

How to Wear a Sling After Shoulder-Replacement Surgery

Wearing a sling after shoulder-replacement surgery is usually part of a post-surgery rehabilitation program designed to quickly and effectively repair your shoulder. Putting on the sling can be a trying process, especially if you are in pain. While rehabilitating your shoulder, it is important to we

Anterior Cruciate Ligament - ACL

The anterior cruciate ligament is one of four ligaments that is critical to the stability of the knee. Without the anterior cruciate ligament, patients often complain of a sensation that the knee may 'give out.'

About Protein Shakes for Muscle Growth

According to WebMD, consuming protein within 30 minutes after working out can lead to faster muscle growth. Protein shakes are extremely high in protein and have been developed as a protein supplement that's often used for muscle growth. Each protein shake is different and has a different combinatio

Pavlik Harness

A Pavlik harness is used in the treatment of hip dysplasia. A Pavlik harness is used to hold the hips in proper position. Proper use of a Pavlik harness is important for effective treatment.

Walkfit Shoe Insoles

Many thousands of people have taken advantage of Walkfit Platinum orthotics in order to eliminate foot, knee, hip and lower back pain. They eliminate excess stress on joints and muscles by helping to equally distribute the body's weight over the entire foot.

Stem Cell Treatment for Degenerated Disc Disease

Back problems affect more than 43 million Americans each year. Treatments, ranging from painkillers to fusing discs, cost close to $100 billion each year in the U.S. alone. Many cases are degenerative, in which the patient's condition deteriorates over the years, unless treatments or medical procedu

How to Cope With Kyphosis

Kyphosis is a condition found in people of all ages and describes the rounding of the upper back. "Hunchback" is another common term used to describe kyphosis. True kyphosis is when the rounding is more than 50 degrees. It can occur from trauma to the spine, developmental delays, arthritis, or oste

What Is a Pediatric Orthopedist?

A pediatric orthopedist is a medical doctor who specializes in treating musculoskeletal problems in children, including deformed limbs and joints, broken bones, bone infections and limping. Most pediatric orthopedists see children up to 18 years of age.

Extreme Hip Pain Information

Hip pain can be the result of relatively minor conditions, such as strain, bursitis, tendinitis or swollen lymph nodes. However, extreme hip pain is most likely the result of a more serious condition. The Mayo Clinic indicates that pain from a hip problem sometimes can be felt in the groin, thigh or

Can Heel Tastic Fix My Messy Feet?

If you have the kind of heels that I had, then you have probably spent a lot of time looking for a cure. I had tried everything, I thought - until I came across Heel Tastic. This is a unique and innovative product that is designed to help people like me who just have dry, itchy, peeling heels.

Ways to Regrow Gum Tissue

Common causes of receding gums can include periodontal disease and inadequate or incorrect brushing. The condition can look unsightly, and may also lead to other dental problems, such as bad breath and loss of teeth. The effects of receding gums can, however, be reversed with treatments available th

Ways to Make Solar Cells

The solar cells in flexible thin-film modules can be attached to round or uneven powered car image by Yali Shi from Fotolia.comSolar cells, from tiny crystalline silicon panels powering watches and small electronics to large solar panel arrays which contribute electricity...

How to Wire an Instron Load Cell

Industrial grade machinery is subject to various stresses and strains over the course of regular use. This is especially true with hydraulic machinery. The need to reliably measure these mechanical loads and convert them to electrical signals for measurement purposes is the reason that load cells