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Natural Angular Cheilitis Treatments That Work In Less Than 24 Hours!

Angular Cheilitis is an unpleasant, embarrassing, and painful condition exemplified by a red rash and cuts that resemble paper cuts along the corners of the mouth.Further complication the condition, fungal bacteria usually infest these small cuts.Effectively treating the problem takes some effort an

Nanomedicine Will Turn the World Around

Turn your imagination on and imagine that cancer is just another disease that can be cured easily by just taking a medicine, imagine AIDS is not taking millions of lives every year... All this and much more will be possible by using nanomedicine discoveries. It's just a matter of time.

Serrapeptase – A relieving solution

When there is a new finding in the world of medicine, Serrapeptase has often been described as a cure for inflammation, pain, removing scar tissue. Serrapeptase is a naturally occurring enzyme that ha

How to Make Colloidal Silver Ointment

In alternative and homeopathic medicine, colloidal silver lends itself to the treatment of cuts, scrapes, acne and other skin ailments, although the level of effectiveness and safety has not been proved. However, if you're wanting to make your own homeopathic colloidal silver ointment, the task prov

Home Remedies That Were Proven To Work

Nobody truly likes doctor appointments. There tend to be long waits both in the waiting room after which in the examination room. Not only are the co-pays a pain in the you-know-what, but having a ...

How the Feldenkrais Method Can Help Children With Disabilities

If physical therapy, orthotics, and prosthetics have disappointed you and your child, the Feldenkrais Method can be used to safely treat all problems for which surgery isn't required. Feldenkrais uses simple, gentle movements to reorganize posture, flexibility, strength and coordination. Let Fe

Us a Penile Enhancement to Feel More Confident!

When you are feeling less than confident about the overall size of your penis, you will want to take steps that are going to help you have the penis that you've always desired. That will ...

Enjoy A Variety Of Body To Body Massages

We all are too busy to invest our time in healthy practices. We all want to earn more money, save it for our kids and give them a happy life. With this, there are too ...

Looking For An Acid Reflux Homeopathy Approach?

When you seek assistance from a doctor for your acid reflux problem, they generally do an examination, and in some cases further testing. When they determine that acid reflux is the cause of symptoms, the advice is often to make some changes to the way you eat and the way you sleep, and they may als

Occupational Therapeutic Massage

Although many types and massage techniques are practiced, they can be all classified into two main categories, namely, relaxation massage and therapeutic massage. The dividing line between the two categories of massage may not be ...

Yoga Central – Intense Side Stretch Pose

This is the latest article in our yoga central series and today we will be looking at a pose known as intense side stretch pose or Parsvottanasana. We will look at how to properly carry out the pose,

How to Make Your Own Healing Ointment

After a minor cut, healing ointment is often used to form a protective layer over the skin. While many household medicine cabinets contain some kind of store-bought ointment, you can easily make homemade healing ointment using simple ingredients. Homemade healing ointments last for months without th

SkinCare or SkinPoison?

Your skin is a living organ. It breaths, drinks and carries topically applied substances through to the rest of your body. Caring for your skin is like eating. We have become very concerned about what we eat in recent years - this is very good. But, an idea that is only beginning to bloom is that yo

Colon Cleansing Diet Do's and Don'ts

Colon cleansing helps in relieving diseases such as constipation, diarrhea, indigestion, acne etc. For natural cleansing colon, it is important to eat a healthy diet.

An Inexpensive Way on How To Stop Excessive Sweating

If you really care about how you look you are willing to spend hundreds of dollars on the best quality make-up to enhance your facial features. You will spend on regular spa treatments on your hair and body. But more often than not, women forget that the best way to smell good (aside from putting th