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Remedy for Garlic Allergy

If testing has determined that you're allergic to garlic--or even if you have negative symptoms after eating garlic--the best thing you can do is to avoid it all together. This proves to be difficult, though, unless you do all of your cooking at home. Most restaurant dishes and processed foods conta

Ten Ways to Treat Seasonal Allergies Naturally

Most allergies don't have a single cause, and they don't have a single cure. Here are ten ways to treat seasonal allergies such as hay fever, including a new method that is the best of them all. Allergic rhinitis has affected one third of the Americans already. Most allergic rhinitis suffe

Common Sinus Problems and Symptoms

Learn about the most common sinus problems and symptoms.In this article, you'll learn about what causes them and what you must do to avoid them.

Allergies - How to Avoid Allergy Triggers

Allergies are a common source of problems for both children and adults. Many people who suffer from allergies think they must use expensive medications, shots or strip their homes in order to treat allergies. Doctors now say the best treatment for allergies is to avoid triggers. A few common sense m

How to Treat Sinus Allergy?

Sinus allergies can be the most painful and annoying of them all. They cause breathing and speech problems and can lead to other problems due to having to constantly breathe through your mouth. Learn how to combat them in this short article.

How Using a Nettie Pot Can Help With Sinus Congestion

Millions of people around the world have found sinus relief from using a nettie pot, or more commonly known as a neti pot. Neti pots are small teapot shaped bottles with a long straight spout.

How to Tell If Your Having an Asthma Attack!

An Asthma Attack has developed if you are experiencing a rapid loss of breath, difficulty breathing, and wheezing when performing an everyday activity or athletic event. The following are more signs of an Asthma attack:Panic Chest painUnstoppable coughingUnable to speakAsthma attacks are not somethi

Why Do I Have Food Allergies? - Why You Could Be Suffering Needlessly!

Have you heard of Candida albicans? There is a very large possibility it is the reason you are always asking "why do I have food allergies". This normally neutral yeast in the body becomes hostile in some people for various reasons as I'll explain. When this happens it can cause a wid

Allergy Asthma Family

Did you know the basements of our homes are like an aquarium? When you have fish you keep their environment clean by changing their water.If you don't change the water and keep it at the proper temperature the water will turna green cloudy murky colour.The water becomes contaminated and the fis

Walnut Allergy Info

Walnut allergy is an uncommon type of food allergy. All of us have heard of the well publicized peanut allergy. You might even have heard of milk and gluten allergies. But walnut allergy? Not so much. Because of the relative scarcity of reported cases of walnut allergy, it has been grouped all toget

What Are the Treatments for Vasomotor Rhinitis?

As MedlinePlus explains, vasomotor rhinitis is a condition characterized by chronic nasal congestion, sneezing and a runny nose. Vasomotor rhinitis is not caused by an allergy; for this reason, it is also known as nonallergic rhinitis. The cause of the condition is unknown, although symptoms are usu

Allergy Asthma Relief

Allergy and asthma plague many of us. People suffer from various allergies that are caused by food, dust, and sometimes flowers. This is a situation where our immune system reacts to some natural substances and causes discomfort. Asthma on the other hand happens when the bronchial muscles get tensed

3 Tips to Gluten Free Food Shopping

Shopping for gluten free foods can be a long winded process. It can also be expensive, here are some tips on ways you can save money and also make your shopping trips a bit easier.

Allergy Symptoms

An allergy term originated from the Greek words allos meaning other and ergon meaning work. Clemens von Pirquet who is a Viennese pediatrician observed that his patients were extremely sensitive to various substances, such as dust and pollen and certain foods. Allergy is reaction immune system to sa