How Much Fertilizer Should Be Used for Large Trees?

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Home Gardening Ideas

Home gardens can take on many forms, but you don't have to sacrifice elegance for size.Small home garden image by Daiva Bareikaite from Fotolia.comA home garden can be grown for reasons that range from providing good food to eat to therapy that helps you deal with the stresses of living...

Bouquet Tulips - Lucky New Garden Trend?

Does your garden have the luck of the Dutch with bouquet tulips? Just what does that mean? Good things come in fours. Think of a four leaf clover.Odds are 10,000 to 1 that you'll find one. What about a four-blossom tulip? Read more to find out...

Historically What Bamboo Symbolized

Bamboo has throughout history symbolized many different things in different countries. Bamboo has been used to symbolize friendship, longevity and strength just to name a few traits in many Asian cultures.

How to Tell What Year a Cub Cadet Is

Cub Cadet is the name of a line of outdoor tools. The line is owned by a company called MTD and has been around since 1961. If you're trying to find out the year of a specific piece of Cub Cadet equipment you own or have used, located the model number of the Cub Cadet. The model number is on an iden

How do I Adjust Hunter PGJ Sprinkler Heads?

Hunter PGJ sprinkler heads are fully adjustable in the water coverage area. This type of sprinkler head is gear driven and sprays water from the right arc to the left arc setting. Increasing the radius of a sprinkler head drives the water farther away from the head. Adjusting the arc and radius of a

Easy Gardening is Growing Tomatoes in Containers

Learning some of the basics of planting tomatoes will help in the success of gowing tomatoes. A very popular way to grow tomatoes is to grow them in containers and there are many benefits for choosing this type of growing. Find out why tomato growers do it.

How to Grow Rare Herbs

The best way to guarantee access to rare herbs, their essential oils and medicinal properties and to guarantee dependable quality is for the gardener to grow these rarities him or herself. Seed stock, growing conditions, quality of care and nutrition, harvesting and preservation are known quantities

Cockroach Control Is Essential To Protect Your Family' s Health

Although no homeowner would want a cockroach in their house, most people consider pest control a matter of convenience. In fact, many homeowners are shocked to find that cockroaches are leading carriers of disease and bacteria and can spread up to six different parasitic worms and seven kinds of hum

Sunflowers Easy For Children

Growing sunflowers is something that many people are able to do quickly and easily. However, many people may not realize that the sunflowers are very easy for children to grow. Here are some of the reasons why sunflowers are so easy for children to grown.

Killing WeedsThe Top 10 Weeds To Target

Whatever the size of your garden, whether you have an acre, a metre or a window box, I have no doubt that you will have had to think about killing weeds. But what type of weed do you have and what is the best way of killing weeds? This article will help you identify what species is growing in your g

Starting a Market Garden

Starting a market garden is a great idea to turn your fondness for plants into profit. All you need is a little investment, basic resources such as a stable source of water, and enough space and time in order to cultivate a decent income.

Different Lighting Use in Hydroponics Part 2

In Part 1 we discussed what the main types of lamps used in hydroponics were, and the equipment needed to use them. This article will focus on explaining the role of Metal Halide and High Pressure Sodium bulbs.

Safety First For Your Arlington Heights Lawn Mowing

Arlington Heights lawn mowing is a garden activity homeowners engage in on almost all seasons, except during winter. As the climate of Arlington Heights fluctuates between extreme heat and extreme col

Aquaponic Gardening: Frequently Asked Questions

Aquaponic gardening is a process that raises a lot of questions. From "What is aquaponics?" to "What types of plants can you raise?" this article has you covered. So let's get started with the most basic question of all.

Meaning of Colored Roses

Roses are a flattering, and sometimes romantic, way to convey one's feelings to another. Before you run out to buy a dozen, however, you should learn the meanings behind the rose colors. This ensures that you don't send the wrong message to someone and gives you a special way to send the right messa

Thermospas - Your Hot Tub Luxury Spa in Your House

After a long and busy day, you surely will not skip the nighttime with out an excellent bath. Everyone will in all probability agree that after a couple of mins. while you settle down, an excellent ba

How to Build a Grape Vine Arch Trellis Design

Building a grapevine arch trellis is an inexpensive and simple way to add a bit of appeal to any yard. The task requires items that can be found in a hardware store or in nearly any household and is a crafty do-it-yourself project. Whether it's to create some shade in a sunny yard, give a n

Roof Top Garden: Get Creative

It's time for you to envisage your creativity amidst the pea green splendor of a roof top garden. If you are serious about making your roof top garden the ultimate joint to unwind and relax t

Garden Landscape Ideas: Trellis & Arbors

Add vertical dimension to your garden landscape with decorative arbors and trellises designed for privacy or support. A garden trellis can span the length of a garden border or fence line, whereas an arbor is typically 2 to 7 feet wide. Climbing vines and flowers add design interest to garden arbors