How to Throw a Woodstock Party

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Wedding Stationery to Match Photo Wedding Invitations

We all know that wedding preparations need to be done with a lot of planning and considerations. Right from the wedding invitations to the location must be designed or booked well in advance. When it comes to designing photo wedding invitations, you can choose from different styles and stationery to

How to Make Padded Drink Coasters

During parties and events, or even on a daily basis, cold and hot drinks can ruin your furniture. When a glass that is too hot or too cold is placed on top of your wooden furniture, water rings and heat damage can occur. Coasters form a barrier between the glass and the wooden surface to protect you

Missouri Marriage License Information

You do not need to be a resident of Missouri to apply for a marriage license. Anyone can apply for a marriage license in Missouri, but the license is only valid in Missouri. Marriage licenses must be applied for at a county recorder’s office. It is not necessary that the license be applied for

Table Centerpiece Ideas for an Adult Male

Plan a theme for the party that is centered around the adult male guest of honor. Doing so adds an extra layer of fun to the proceedings. In addition to the activities, prizes, invitations and decorations, one whimsical way to tie in the party theme is with the table centerpiece.

How to Decorate for a Wedding With Clear Lights

Whether you are planning an indoor or outdoor wedding, setting the mood with the right kind of lighting is very important. An inexpensive yet effective method of lighting is hanging strands of clear lights. Often called Christmas lights, these sets can be a great alternative or addition to candles w

Easy Graduation Party Ideas

When you are planning a graduation party for your graduate, make this a milestone he will remember. Whether it is a high school or college graduation, the next steps your child takes will be some of the most important decisions he will make, and you want to let him savor his accomplishment before h

Tips In Taking Photos During Weddings

Photos would undoubtedly be one of the most effective ways on documenting events and memories. They are great for preserving the things that are happening around you or the things that you see around you. ...

How to Create an Elegant Look for Cafeteria Style Tables

Elegant events, such as wedding receptions, anniversaries or birthday parties, are traditionally held at a restaurant or reception hall. But the number of such events held at city parks or fairgrounds has spiked in recent years. Contrary to popular belief, an event featuring cafeteria or picnic-tabl

Three Ways to Save on a Bridal Gown

You may find it impractical to spend a large amount of money on a Brooklyn bridal gown. After all, you can only wear it once. Indeed, if you think you would be happier to set aside money for the down payment of a house instead of spending it for the gown, then you can definitely do so.

Secrets Of Happy And Long-lasting Marriage - Sound Difficult? Not So...

Do you still remember the moment you together with your husband or wife swear in front of the altar that you will be keeping your marriage vows in sickness and in health, for better or for worse, and until death do your part? Good for the two of you if you still keep that scared vows you have made w

Recipes for a Bridal Luncheon

There are a many recipes that can make a bridal lunch classy, casual and enjoyable for your guests. When planning your lunch menu, remember that you don't have to do everything yourself. You can get various items from your local deli or grocery store and take a few shortcuts to make the preparation

What Is the Traditional Gift for a 50-Year Wedding Anniversary?

A wedding anniversary celebrates the day a couple married. Each year that a couple remains together is meant to be celebrated and traditional gifts are given from family, friends and between the married couple. Gold is the traditional gift given during a 50th wedding anniversary.

How to Avoid Becoming a Bridezilla For Your Wedding

When an engagement is announced, the couple is filled with happiness and hope for their future. But many brides-to-be also feel anxiety, frustration and sometimes even rage as they go through the process of planning their wedding. By taking plenty of time for yourself and using these tips and tric

The Death of the Wedding Video

Let's face it.Trying to plan and pay for a wedding in this economy can be scary and disappointing.Couples are having to trim, cut and rework their wedding budgets in order to have the wedding of their dreams without going broke.Unfortunately, one of the first budget items getting cut is the wed

Securing Only the Best Indian Wedding Caterers London Services

Indian weddings are vibrant and colorful to commensurate with the happy occasion. It is possible to enjoy an Indian wedding even in London today with many cross-cultural exposures and experiences happening in a modern cosmopolitan ...