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How To Keep The Flames Burning In A Relationship

Creating Intimacy to Keep the Flame BurningIt is true that intimacy and relationship are two very different words. They have different meanings and present totally different concepts. The tie that binds them to each other, however, is the fact that a relationship needs intimacy to survive. Intimacy

How To Get A Guy To Want You4 Secrets To Share

I know you must have wondered how to get a guy to want you in the same way that you wonder what the solution to the math problem really is. However, below are some of the things that you might want to try.

Trendy Wedding Table Centerpieces

It's still possible to take together a worthy table agreement that meets your celebration design. You don't need a huge budget to create a stunning centerpiece - you just need a little know-how and some fresh ideas!

Thriving Friendships: The Sculptors of Souls After Fifty

Who are the people in your life that have shaped and sculpted your soul? How has friendships of the past helped you thrive and define you? With fifty plus years behind us, we see more clearly how friendships have influenced us. What are the gifts of friendship in your life?

How to Begin a Beautiful Friendship

Crafting a beautiful friendship is like having perfect weather on a fresh spring day. Not only can you anticipate good times palling around together, but you also will have a shoulder to cry on when you're in need. Creating a lasting friendship gives you someone who you can share your innermost drea

How to Deal with Dorms

The transition from high school to college can be colossal, especially if you're leaving the comfort of your parents' home for the unknown environment of a college dorm. College is hard enough on its own, but it can be even more difficult if you are trying to get along with a roommate or deal with l

How to Talk to A Girl Easily

If you're ever going to find the woman of your dreams, you'll first need to talk to her. To do that, calm your nerves and fear not, for girls are not aliens. Girls are just like boys in many ways. They have hobbies, work or attend school and want to find love. Before you approach a girl, summon your

How to Get Along With People Around Us

Unity in the church is one of the most important aspect of Christianity. The reason why we find so many quarrels amongst believers is because we live in diversity and have no point of unity. The prayer of Jesus in John 17:20 - 21 was for all believers to be ONE. The question is: Are we really ONE? T

How To Make A Relationship Work: A Must Read

Individuals would often be asking: Am I bound to be together with this person for the rest of my entire life? Love is a many splendor thing, they say. There are just so many things that could be said and carried out to make an individual want to speak his/her mind but the most efficient method to do

True Friendship Matters Most

The number of friends you have doesn't actually count at all. A plenty of them never gives a guarantee. Yet, no matter how few they are to stick with you... it's true friendship that matters most.

Getting him to love you again

Breaking up can be hard on anyone. You invest a large part of yourself and your emotions in a relationship and then one day its over. No matter what the reasons are, you will be ...

How To Win Back An Ex: Tips For Men

Many people will agree that it's not only hard being in a good relationship, but also not easy to keep it going. You'll of course, find people who have found happiness together and live without stress, but the majority of us have problems in our relationships that cause undue stress and te

How To Create Love & Friendship

Love & Friendship is something that does not always come naturally; it has to be created by people. People who are willing to employ love & friendship in their lives will ensure that they do all they can to create them. There are several things that you must do if you want to have good friends who a

How to Talk to a Girl That Ignores You

Getting the attention of the girl you like can be frustrating and nerve-wracking, especially if the girl ignores you. You try to get into her field of vision only to realize you are always in her blind spot. Talking to her can be an even bigger challenge because she doesn't seem to want to talk to y