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A Review on Adam Sandler's "Grown Ups" - Coming Soon to Theaters

Even though Zohan sucked, Adam Sandler's upcoming movie Grown Ups was actually really funny, and yet light-hearted enough to maybe bring your kids too see (maybe). Though the comedy was punchy with testosterone-filled jokes, everyone could really appreciate the humor conjured up by comedic geni

TV Show Review: Dexter Season 2

This season just might be my favorite out of them all. If not, it is a VERY close race with some others. The entire concept of it is just great. (See plot) Plot: Season 2 ...

The History of Hollywood Movie Awards

The modern movie was born in 1915 with the release of D.W. Griffith's silent epic "Birth of a Nation," and the first Hollywood movie awards followed little more than a decade later.

Abhishek and Katrina Get Ready to Set the Screen on Fire

Being a celebrity implicates comparisons with your contemporaries. Bollywood's reigning queen Aishwarya Rai is no different. At one point of time she was ranked as the most desirable of actresses in the film industry.

Frequent Questions Parents Have With Painting

Is the baby at present taking painting classes? Are you at present anxious the paint your little single is making service of possibly will be toxic to your child's well-being? Are you contemplating of removing your kids from their noteworthy painting

August Unspared in the 2013 Summer of Movie Flops

The month of August is generally considered the summer doldrums at the box office. The big blockbusters expected to gross in the hundreds of millions of dollars are usually released during June and July to take advantage of vacationing teenagers and the long Fourth of July weekend. This leaves movie

Why everybody loves House M.D. TV series?

A television may seem at first sight an object in a medical journal, but this is, after all, a magazine whose theme is "softer" side of medical science. Addition The doctor Humanities authors use the ...

Movie Review: Darling Companion (2012) (PG-13)

Watching Darling Companion, I could tell that director/co-writer Lawrence Kasdan knew what he was after but had some trouble finding it. Strangely enough, this is surprisingly reminiscent of the film itself, which tells the story of a group of people having a great deal of trouble finding a lost dog

Review - Intimate Strangers (2004)

This Movie explores the Relationship of the minds between two human beings. It talks about life, death, loneliness, human relationships, betrayal and just hints about sexuality.

The Best Bits of Satellite Television:

There is no hiding or denying it; satellite television systems are becoming more and more popular among the American public. Currently millions of households across the United States enjoy the benefits of a satellite dish ...

No Sex And The City Movie - EVER!

I know, I know.Yellow cabs are screeching to a halt. Manolo Blahniks are breaking at the heel. Cosmopolitans are falling off trays everywhere.

Free Movie Trailer Downloads

The Internet has revolutionized the entire concept of entertainment. Watching a movie no longer requires planning a schedule for taking time out to watch movie at the theatre, or the bother of renting out a DVD to watch movies at home. Though, there are people who would still watch movies in the the

Jimmy Fallon: Bringing Joy to Late Night

Lorne Michaels must have a rabbit's foot in his pocket or something. Time and time again, he finds the funniest and most brilliant comics to put on SNL. From Eddie Murphy to Steve Martin...