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Tips on Using a Backdrop and Other Concerns For a Stage Production

Organizing a high school play or musical can be extremely challenging, but also very rewarding. There are three basic steps that need to be followed. Remember, none of this is etched in stone. You can certainly pursue a plan of action that differs from this. The idea here is to start giving you some

Acting 101: Your Future, Your Face

The following article is for men and women who are aspiring, professional actors. Insights are given regarding physical appearance and navigating the terrain of the industry. Examples are given to help actors come up with a new paradigm.

Creative Dance Lesson Plans

The best part about creative movement is that no formal training or skills are required; it is perfect for all ages and dance levels. The main objective is to provide the student with a feel for music and motion. Encourage your students to be free and let their natural movements take over.

Disney Casting Calls - What To Do and What Not To Do

Being an entertainer can be a very rewarding and exciting life. Getting the chance to earn money with a Disney audition by making people smile, laugh, scream, or have emotion, can give your day some delightful meaning. What ever your wish in the entertainment industry is, whether it is as an enterta

Basics of What Women Should Wear for Auditions

Many a times women appear at the auditions with outfits which they hope will stand out from the rest. But what they don't realize is that these dresses only make them stand out as the most ridiculously dressed. These dresses either leave the judges flabbergasted or laughing every time they reme

How to Start a Small Movie Theatre

Starting a small movie theater can be a very rewarding experience. Movie theaters are normally social hang-outs for teenagers and middle-aged people. The look and feel of a movie theater can determine the type of customers that you'll have, as well as the amount of income you accumulate. Making sure

Opera Glasses - Winning Admiration All Over

With the ever increasing popularity and aura of operas, more and more music and art lovers are just drawn towards a theatre which plays their favorite opera. They believe it to be the perfect option to break themselves free from all the frustrations, stress, anxieties they have to undergo due to the

What to Expect From Children's Theatre Training Camps

Parents, who notice that their children are developing a passion for the theatre, should enroll their kids in Walnut Creek children's theatre training camps. Their children will learn basic acting skills, all while having fun and making new friends.

New York Broadway Shows - How to Get Discounted Tickets

New York offers the opportunity to see some of the best Broadway shows in the world.However, some of the more popular shows can be quite expensive.In this article, we'll discuss how you can get discounts for tickets to certain shows.

Talent Routines For Pageants

Beauty pageants are a popular form of entertainment today, and there's many a girl who would like to enter one and come back as the crowned queen. But the trouble is, judges have to select just one winner from a crowd of beautiful and talented girls. Each contestant has one pressing question in

Overview: TRL – Total Request Live

MTV’s TRL – Total Request Live is the place to see the hottest rock bands, hear the latest music and view the buzziest videos

Ballet Shoes And Pointe Shoes And More On Turnout

The balance and tone of any muscle comes from its ability to work, and its ability to relax when not working. So having lateral rotators that clench to rotate, and don't relax in between exercises, do not have the strength they could have. Turning in during class, in between exercises is a good

Mamma Mia! - Now Showing at the Prince of Wales Theatre

Mamma Mia! is a jukebox musical inspired by the songs of the Swedish pop and dance group ABBA. In the story, Sophie is about to be married and wants her father to give her away. However, she doesn't know who her father is.

Kids Dance Studio - Find One in Your Town

A kids dance studio is a good place for your child to take dance lessons. You can find locations in a number of ways, including: (1) the phone book, (2) searching online, and (3) asking your friends and family. Read this article to learn about finding a dance location for your child.

Marching Band Rehearsal Techniques

The impressive performance of marching band depends on the coordination as well as the musical skills among the musicians. Strong foundation is the basic key of success. This can be reading of rhythm and pulse awareness to name a few.