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Minnesota Fast Facts

Want to learn more about Minnesota? These fast facts provide information about its admission to the union, its state symbols, important people from Minnesota, and key events in state history.


Kaiser - Definition


Afrocentrism is a political movement that believes Greek culture was borrowed from Black Africans.

World War I: Airco DH.2

The Airco DH.2 was the first effective British fighter of World War I. Entering service in 1915, the Airco DH.2 helped combat the "Fokker Scourge." A pusher biplane, the Airco DH.2 was eclipsed by more advanced fighters by the end of the war.

Greek Anthology From the Roman Period

Epigrammatists biographies from the Greek Anthology from the Roman period of Greek literary history through the death of Marcus Aurelius.

What Is the Meaning of Public Art?

Public art is the term used for artwork that is displayed in public locations such as civic centers, libraries, public transportation facilities, commercial centers and parks. An individual or a group commissions a public art project for a specific location and purpose. Funding for public art projec

Enlightenment in the Age of Terror

An examination of Enlightenment from the perspectives of three philosophers, the German Kant, French philosopher Foucault and myself. The article aims to inform those of today that without vigilance a


An introduction to pastoralism in the Old World.

How to Make a Copy of a Painting

It is common for a painting to be liked or wanted by several people. However, there can be only one original. The solution to this problem is to make a copy. Since artists seldom keep their original work, opting instead to sell the piece, you may wish to inform the artist sooner rather than later th

Did the Romans Invent Twitter?

The Romans had the scoop on all the news of the empire. Here are the juicy details on their "newspapers."

Refugee Camp

A picture of the Jefferson Square refugee camp, set up after the 1906 San Francisco earthquake.