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How do I Calculate the Size of a Ported Box Speaker?

The size of a ported box speaker is calculated in two ways: mathematically using established equations, or via measurements provided by established Thiele-Small principles for specific loudspeaker sizes. Thiele-Small parameters, (T/S parameters) were developed to standardize and ease speaker buildin

About DTV Tuners

The only way for an analog television to work today is by using a DTV tuner. But, for a small initial cost--roughly $60--a consumer can continue using a non-digital television set and do so with additional channels and a better picture.

How to Build a FM Stereo Transmitter

Building your own FM stereo transmitter is a great way to lessen your reliance on aesthetically unpleasing wires. It is, however, a complex project as the stereo signal has to be modulated, or woven together with a carrier wave. Many kits are available, though all will require some soldering to conn

How to Remove a Stereo Console From a 1999 Honda Civic

The 1999 Honda Civic has been given much acclaim by its owners over the years due to their dependable motors and ability to be modified in various ways. One of the most popular modifications is the car stereo. If you want to remove the stereo console, you will need to know how to remove the front pa

How to Set up a TiVo to an Ethernet Phone

Most Voice over Internet Protocol or VoIP phone services will either function directly through your computer's Internet access or through a proprietary adapter that accesses the Internet through your modem or router. Your TiVo can connect to TiVo service independently of the phone service's setup vi

Sony A230 Vs. Sony A330

Sony provides an extensive line of digital cameras for beginning- to professional-level photographers. The Sony A230 and A330 are similar digital single-lens reflex cameras, produced to be user-friendly for more casual picture takers.

Uses of a Mapping GPS

Handheld GPS units fit into two categories: mapping and non-mapping. Non-mapping GPS devices are simple versions of the technology, best used for straightforward location finding, such as making your way back to your campsite after a day of backpacking. Mapping GPS units, however, are more complicat

Samsung WB700 Smart Choice

The Samsung WB700 is a well featured camera that comes at affordable rate and has features that can enhance your photography and has user friendly features.This is an ultra slim digital cadre that has been ...

Used Nokia N8 Features

If you wish to buy the good and branded smart phone but the budget put hurdles on your way then go for the used Nokia mobile phone collection and may used Nokia N8 is best for you. Today the mobile ma

How to Replace the LCD Screen on a Kodak Easyshare Cx7530

It is a pain when the LCD on your digital camera goes bad or breaks. Any number of things can damage your camera's LCD screen. You may have dropped your camera, or exposed it to the elements. In any case the idea of replacing the LCD screen yourself can seem like a scary undertaking. Fortunately, in

Blackberry Curve Specifications

The BlackBerry smart phone is a popular device that has been manufactured in several versions since it first hit the market in 1999. The BlackBerry Curve is one of the more popular models of the smart phone and comes equipped with several advanced features.

How to Unlock Hidden Features for a K312 Phone

The K312 phone is part of the Kyocera line of mobile devices. Its top features include Bluetooth capability and a VGA camera, however you may have trouble accessing its hidden features such as games, wallpaper, ringtones and calendar. Even after activating your K312 phone, the device may still have

How to Determine the Battery Life of a Stiletto 2

The Stiletto 2 satellite radio receiver is used to listen to Sirius Satellite Radio programming. The Stiletto 2 functions like a standard MP3 player, acting as a radio receiver while you're on the go. You don't have to be in your home or car to listen to Sirius Satellite Radio. Although the Stiletto

Slim Design Home Theater Receiver

Perhaps taking a cue from TV designers and their flat, hang-on-the-wall masterpieces, home audio manufacturers now include smaller, slimmer AV receiver designs with a wide range of features in their lineups.

How to Make My Music CD-R Work in My CD Player

Mixing and burning a CD-R has, as technology marches forward, become a simple and commonplace option for listening to music on a CD player. As long as a computer has a CD-RW drive and a user has blank media to copy the music onto, then any CD player anywhere can become a personal jukebox. There are

How to Set Up Multiple FTA Receivers

Free-to-Air (or FTA) Satellite channels are stations broadcast from all over the world that aren't scrambled, allowing access to anyone with an FTA satellite dish. These satellite dishes do not require a monthly payment fee or service charges. All you need to do is purchase the equipment (and perhap