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Michigan Divorce Laws for Property Settlement

Michigan divorce laws cover property settlement and division of assets.cash image by Alexey Klementiev from Fotolia.comFinding yourself facing a divorce case in Michigan undoubtedly leaves you with a variety of questions. Chief among these questions is how property is divided and dealt...

Parenting Evaluation in a Paternity Case

Whenever a paternity case takes place, a parenting evaluation almost always occurs as well. Establishing parentage and custody battles can be difficult things to go through, and parenting evaluations are supposed to be for the benefit of the children. Basically, in this situation, a third party is u

How to File a Pleading Address at the Broward County Clerk of the Court

A pleading is defined as a written statement filed with a courthouse for civil reasons, which include divorce and custody issues. To file a pleading address with the Broward County Clerk of Courts, you have to know what type of civil complaint you are making, and you must obtain the correct paperwor

Checking Divorce Records From Illinois Online

Marriages like its opposite, divorces, occur daily. It is such a blessing to see marriages formed and indeed a tragedy to see individuals constantly filing for divorce and so by ending a marriage. With the abundance of this activity, the state of Illinois has put in specific procedures to secure and

How to File Legal Paper Documents

The task of filing legal documents in court can be time-consuming and daunting. When you file legal documents without an attorney, it is important to be extra careful when completing the documents. In order to file the legal papers successfully, you must prepare the documents properly and follow the

Divorce 101 - Part 3

In the third part of this series, I'm answering questions about the legal contract between you and your divorce attorney and providing you with a list of questions you should ask an attorney before you hire him to handle your divorce. Do I have to sign a contract with my lawyer?

Definition of a Legal Separation in Iowa

The emotional disappointment of a failed marriage makes it even more stressful to arrange logistics for your new lifestyle after moving away from your spouse, such as custody of the children and separation of your assets. You might want to live apart from your spouse for a while but remain technical

How Your Family Attorney Can Help Achieve a Smooth Adoption

Adoption is always possible as a means for a couple or person to get a child. It is, however, a very tedious process. You are lucky if you can find a child to adopt right away. Some couples wait months (sometimes even years) before they have a positive hit in their search.

How to File for Divorce in Vancouver, Washington

Filing for divorce can be a difficult decision to make. If you think it is the best option for your marriage, then you will likely want to seek the counsel of a professional divorce attorney. This is especially true if you and your spouse currently share custody of any minor children or if you antic

Definition of Freedom of Petition

The definition of freedom of petition is founded on the rights of people in the United States to express their opinions through a number of processes. The freedom to petition is an expression of opinion and to organize.

How to Apply for Divorce in Colorado

Article 10 in the Colorado State Statues governs divorce proceedings in Colorado. According to this Article, while a divorce can be filed solely or jointly, the only grounds for divorce that the court will consider is that the marriage is irrevocably broken. To apply for divorce in Colorado the peti

DIY: Divorce in Michigan

Michigan is a no-fault divorce state, which means that you do not have to prove or state a reason for the divorce. You or your spouse must have lived in Michigan for at least six months to be eligible to file for a divorce. In addition, you or your spouse must have lived in the county where the case

State and Federal Laws for Client and Attorney Privilege

Attorney-client privilege is founded on the fifth amendment to the Constitution.Justice image by MVit from Fotolia.comState and federal laws regarding attorney-client privilege assert the circumstances under which conversations between attorneys and clients are inadmissible in court. This...

Free Do-it-Yourself Divorce in North Carolina

If you have been a resident of North Carolina for the last six months and have been separated from your spouse for at least a year, you can file a do-it-yourself divorce without a lawyer. Doing your own divorce can save you money but can also cause you financial loss if you are not qualified to foll

Divorce in a Difficult Economy

Couples that are contemplating divorce may be hesitant to begin the process while the economy is uncertain. They may worry about overwhelming debt; child and spousal support; keeping their jobs; the health of their stocks and bonds; and especially the housing market.

How to Modify a Divorce Decree After Moving to a Different State

Moving to a different state opens a whole new set of challenges for a divorced person. If you have children in your home state that are living with your ex, you will need to revise the child support or visitation in the state where the children reside. Similarly, if you are seeking to change alimon

What Is the Cost to File Divorce Papers in Louisiana?

A divorce is a difficult time for both parties involved, in Louisiana or elsewhere. Costs vary widely based on whether the divorce is uncontested or contested. Simple uncontested divorces may cost a few hundred dollars, while complex, contested divorces may run into the thousands and beyond.

How to File for Legal Separation in Kansas

If you and your spouse have major problems but don't want to end your marriage, you have the option of filing for legal separation. In Kansas, you go through the same legal maneuvering as with a divorce, but the marriage stays intact. People may believe that they are legally separated if they live a