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Retouch A Photo Without Manipulating The Basic Elements

There is a stark difference between retouching and manipulating. When an editor tries to retouch a photo he is only improving the visual element in the image. He does not manipulate any other areas or make a complete change from the original.

Olympus E-5 - The Dslr Evolution

In recent years, Olympus has shaken up the marketplace with its innovative photography solutions for specialists also as knowledgeable amateurs alike.

Natural History Photodocumentation

Wildlife and nature photography is one of the best and most satisfying hobby. Going out and taking photograph of wild animals and landscape is not a easy task but one good photograph can make your day

Secret In Choosing The Right Wedding Photographer

If you are searching for a professional and capable service provider of wedding photography Las Vegas, then Sarah Timmins photography can be an ideal choice for you. Its photographers have got the skill and the knowledge to provide efficient wedding photography services to you.

Tips For Better Portrait Photography

You’ve probably been taking photos for a long time now but are not able to snap the type of photographs that pro-photographers are able to.

How to Make Funny Faces Out of Normal Photos

You've probably seen those funny photos floating around your favorite social media websites. Made from seemingly normal photos, they've been transformed into funny, stretched faces reminiscent of the images you'd see in a wavy fun house mirror. Those normal photos underwent their transformation cour

Canon 60D News

Canon has released EOS 60D on the latest generation of EOS series. As a lover of Canon cameras, this certainly is good news. There are some up grade by Canon including shoots Full HD (1080p) video and

How Do I Blur the Face on a Photo?

You may have a friend who doesn't want his or her face shown on your Facebook page and, therefore, you would like to blur the face in the photo. You may also want a particular person to be the focal point in one of your pictures and blur the faces of the other subjects in the photo. In cases like th

Birthday Gifts For Everyone

Birthday is a special day for everyone. There is a party, a date, a family gatherings or peer's hang outs. Sending of birthday gifts is traditionally practiced many years ago. It is the way of showing how much you care and love the celebrant.

Photo Art - Magnificent Visual Expressions

Photographs have become the most favorite style among all visual arts due the availability of affordable user-friendly digital cameras, power shots, and editing techniques that could render photo art.