How to Remove the Control Panel From the Registry

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How to Check the Running Applications on a MacBook

MacBooks come with the Mac OS X operating system, which is known for being able to run smoothly even with multiple applications open at the same time. This doesn't mean, however, that you can run hoards of applications that use significant amounts of RAM and expect your MacBook to perform at full sp

How to Disable Firefox 3 Rich Address Bar

The Mozilla Firefox 3 Web browser has a rich address (location) bar, known as the "Awesome Bar," which is the text field located at the top of the window. In addition to Web addresses, this bar contains other information including page titles and icons. This feature is meant to enhance your Internet

How to Reduce Background Noise in Adobe Premiere

If you filmed a lot of your old home movies on video tapes, or you're transferring music onto your computer from a cassette, one issue with which you'll have to deal is background noise. When you're dealing with background noise you'll hear anything from a slight hiss to full static. Video editing p

How to Install Windows XP on a Dell With No CD Drivers

Drivers are programs that tell the computer how to best use a particular piece of hardware within the confines of the operating system. Although lacking CD drivers could be a problem if you were forced to install Windows XP from within an operating system, this is not the case. The only thing that i

How to Uninstall a Registry Booster From a Computer

Registry Booster is a registry repair program developed by Uniblue. Registry Booster allows you to solve registry problems related to missing dll files and damaged ActiveX problems. While Registry Booster may improve your computer's performance, you may also need to uninstall it if you are no longer

How to Solve Virtual Memory Issues

As more computer tasks are actively running, each process relies on the random access memory (RAM) available on your computer. However, when additional memory is required, it uses virtual memory to compensate for such issues. A common virtual memory issue is "Virtual memory low." In this case, you m

How to Disable the Ping Response in the Westell 6100

The Westell 6100 is a DSL modem that is designed for home and office Internet connections. The DSL connection is constantly held and always on, avoiding the delays associated with earlier dialup technologies. Once the hardware is connected and the modem is configured you will be able to use it to ac

How to Open Windows 7 Help Via Command-Line

Just as Windows 7 offers a "Help" feature, the command line offers a similar feature to display a list of usable commands and their intended function.This is remarkably helpful if you cannot recall a particular command or the format it requires. Like all commands issued through the Command Prompt, t

How to Build Your Own Boot CD

A boot CD is a CD that contains a bootable image, which can be used to start your computer where your operating system is corrupt or where you have to make changes to the OS that are impossible to perform while it is running. Creating your own boot CD consists of two parts--the boot image itself and

Paging Tutorial

A paging file is the virtual memory for a Windows computer. Virtual memory is used when the physical memory, or RAM, runs out. Windows uses the hard drive to store information when it can no longer fit any information in physical memory. By default, Windows manages your virtual memory, but you have

Traditional Glazing

Glazing means fitting glass into windows and doors. Traditional forms of glass-making yielded very different glass from the machine made glass we're familiar with today.

Windows XP Deployment Tools

Dealing with more than one computer makes Windows XP installations much more complex.computers network image by Orlando Florin Rosu from Fotolia.comDeploying Windows XP to a number of different systems at the same time can prove challenging, especially when each computer needs to...

How to Activate Windows XP Home Edition 2002 SP2

Activating your current Windows XP Home with Service Pack 2 edition allows you to register your operating system with Microsoft, ensuring that you own a legitimate copy of the computer system. Accomplish this through the product options in your Windows XP SP2 computer, a procedure that generally tak

How to Remove a Start Up Task Bar

Removing an item from the startup sequence on the task bar is possible by using a tool called MSCONFIG. This program will allow you to choose not to start up a program that ordinarily would start together with Windows. Using MSCONFIG can be tricky because some programs are essential to the running

How to Locate My Windows XP Key Code

The Windows XP key code is required if you are to install a fresh version of Microsoft Windows XP onto your desktop or laptop computer. Your copy of Windows XP will not run without it. Your key code comes with the Windows software at the time of purchase. Keep the key code safe because you will need

How to Add SP3 to an Installation

Service Pack 3 (SP3) is a common hotfix added to the Windows XP operating system to fix security issues and bugs in the operating system. You download SP3 from the official Microsoft website and you apply it to the operating system. The installation takes several minutes to complete but setting up t

How to Fix a Windows XP Power Options Error

Windows XP allows you to alter the power settings for your laptop or desktop PC based on your needs. You can improve laptop battery life by using a more conservative power setting, or you can run the machine at full throttle for optimum performance. If your power scheme does not fit your hardware an

How to Trim Treatment for a Horizontal Window

Window trim generally lines the top, bottom and sides of interior and exterior windows and can serve multiple purposes. It can be cosmetic, enhancing a home's architecture and decor, and functional, preventing water from penetrating the surface of the window and providing a place to display small de

How to Restore a Windows 2000 Profile

Windows 2000 is an older operating system still installed on some personal computers. The Windows 2000 operating system provides you with the ability to create user profiles, so each person who logs into the machine can set their own preferences and settings. Windows 2000 sometimes has corrupted pro