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How to Set Up Remote Access on a Mac

In the release of Mac OS X 10.5, known as Leopard, Apple included a feature called Screen Sharing. With Screen Sharing, Mac users can remotely access other computers in a virtual environment over a network connection. However, the Screen Sharing feature is disabled in Mac OS X by default. You must m

How to Install a Dell Wireless Configuration Utility

Dell's wireless configuration utility is used to configure wireless adapters and help your device connect to a wireless network. Dell offers this wireless configuration utility bundled with the drivers for wireless cards installed on their laptops and desktops. Installing the wireless configuration

How to Install a Terminal Services Client

The Terminal Services Client is a small application that can be installed on a Windows computer that allows you to connect to another Windows computer through the Remote Desktop Connection (RDP) protocol. You must be using a genuine copy of Windows in order to install this client.

How Do I Replace the Memory in My Dell Latitude D410 Laptop?

Replacing the memory module in your Dell D410 laptop is slightly different from doing so in other laptops because the module is located under the keyboard. If you need to replace the memory in your Dell D410 and don't know much about computers, don't let this intimidate you. The D410 is designed so

How to Build a Wireless Booster Antenna

A wireless router is only as good as its signal, and if you're not getting a strong signal, you might want to give it a boost. This can be done based on how a router broadcasts. It usually sends out the signal in a circle, of about a 100-foot radius. Convert the antenna to broadcast in more of a con

How to Recover a Corrupt File From a Floppy Disk

Floppy disks were an extremely useful source of removable storage for computers for years. Not only could they be taken from computer to computer, but they were lightweight, small enough to fit in a pocket, and best of all they were inexpensive. However, like any other hard drive or removable disk

HP Bluetooth Laser Mobile Mouse Usage Instructions

HP's Bluetooth laser mobile mouse is a wireless device that uses a Bluetooth signal to connect between the computer and the mouse, and allows for greater mobility when using the device. Bluetooth technology makes using a mouse much easier and eliminates the need for computer owners to use wired mice

How to Enable a VNC Server

VNC server software provides two ways to start and run the software. The VNC server can be run as an application if the need for remote desktop is temporary or if you just prefer to control when the software is running. The VNC server can also be configured to start when the computer boots, which

What to Do if the Touchpad on Your Laptop Doesn't Work

Having trouble with the touchpad is not an uncommon problem. Thankfully, that means that finding a solution isn't difficult. The only problem is that the cause of the problem can have several different kinds of sources. Sometimes the touchpad is just dirty, sometimes it's a software problem, and oth

How to Find out What Kind of RAM Card You Have

Although all RAM (random access memory) cards perform the same basic functions, there are a number of different types of cards for different types of computers. For example, laptop RAM is shaped differently and is smaller than desktop RAM. There are also different types of laptop and desktop RAM, su

Conducting Your Own Inkjet Computer Printer Repair At Home

Almost anybody can do his own computer printer repair in order to save time and money on expenses. To do so, one needs to secure a proper and dependable guide or gain sufficient knowledge at least about basic printing troubleshooting.

How to Change a Control Station Number

Control station numbers are used in render farms to identify each individual node in the farm environment. Management of individual render farm units is done on the render farm control server, which in turn specifies the number of each machine identified by its network user name. Every network syste

How to Make Recovery CDs

Safely storing the original CDs containing your computer's vital programs is the best way to "recover" them after a computer crash or some other computer disaster (like hard disk failure or widespread data corruption). But there are times, for various reasons, when the original CD is no longer avail

How to Tell If Your Computer Has USB 1.1 or 2

USB 2.0 was developed to improve the data transfer rates in USB devices; the USB 1.1 connection is slower than the the USB 2.0 connection. Almost all computers these days come with USB 2.0 ports. However, there are older computers still in use that have USB 1.1 connections. Checking for the USB conn

Different Data Storage Devices

A hard disk is an example of a nonvolatile computer storage device.hard disk in funzione image by Michele Campini from Fotolia.comComputers consist of different data storage devices that can be used for various types of programs and system applications. Some storage devices, such as...

What Do I Do With Old Ink and Toner Cartridges?

Properly disposing of used ink and toner materials can be a tricky business, but it's worth the effort. Not only do those items still contain residual chemicals which can be toxic, but the cartridges themselves are usually made from a plastic material that isn't biodegradable. Recycling is

CD/DVD Player in MacBook Pro Will Not Work

Although a CD or DVD disc can allow you to watch movies, play music or transfer content to and from your MacBook Pro occasionally, several problems may cause the slot-loading drive not to recognize and play them. Knowing the causes can help you troubleshoot your device correctly without damaging it.

Choosing The Best Touch Screen Monitor

Touch screen computers appear to be all over the place. The good thing is that they offer effective functionality. You do not have to go through the hassle of connecting the keyboard and mouse.

How To Get Your Laptop Running

So you just bought yourself a fancy Windows laptop, and now you’re excited to play with it. Hold onto your horses first, because before you do anything fun with it, you need to prepare your laptop for the world.The Internet can be a crazy place, so it’s good to get some protection first

Computer Drivers - What Are They?

There are many opinions about which computer system is best, they are based mainly upon the system that the person is most accustom to. People find themselves using computers more and more every day. So it is a good idea to...