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How to Filter With Avast

If you use Avast's antivirus program, you can apply a filter to exclude files and folders that you do not want it to scan. Avast protects your computer by scanning new files and alerting you when they contain viruses. If you have a large folder containing safe files, such as videos or photos, you ca

Battery Failure in Camcorder Leads to Video Loss

A digital camcorder functions on the same principle as any other hard drive does. It uses a read-write process to record videos onto the memory card (or any other storage device being used). You can not predict when the battery of your camcorder starts malfunctioning.

Tips About Converting MP4 to IMovie

One may be wondering as to why the iMovie MP4 conversion is necessary at all. After all, isn't iMovie supposed to support the mp4 format too? If so, then the conversion seems to be entirely ...

Some Helpful Tips on Choosing the Best Rated Spyware Remover

If your computer has slowed down since it was new, it could be infected with spyware. This is the term for a malicious program which attaches itself to your operating system. Unlike a virus, it is not designed to harm the computer. Its primary purpose is to gather your personal information, which ma

Steps to Remove a Virus Fast

If one suspects they have a virus in their personal computer, they should take steps to eliminate it immediately. At times, these problems occur and the system slows down because of the adware and spyware errors. Learn the steps to remove a virus fast here...

Online Storage Space - Insurance For Your Computer Files

There you are at the most important business meeting of your life. You are dressed to impress and your presentation couldn't be any better prepared unless Warren Buffet himself was the creator. Then all of the sudden you realize that you forgot your jump drive with all the files you need to mak

2 Ways to Know Your Online Backup Service Is Actually Working

Online backup is becoming more and more popular as an inexpensive way to keep your most important data safe. But, how do you know your data is actually backed up and the service isn't just taking your money? In this article I will explain how you can trust but verify.

Free Registry Cleaner and Repair - Your Solution to Improve Your PC Performance

If you are like many other computer users out there experiencing slow computer speeds, then you might just need to download a free registry cleaner and repair software to make your computer run better. You should really think about installing one if the sloppy computer performance continues to affec

Small Businesses and Data Security

Though it may be improbable to deem that small businesses are the engines that drive America, it's a true verity in spite of the recognition of large franchise chains across the United States. It is ...

Protect Your Computer Data With an External Backup Drive

It is a good idea to invest in good quality disks for the external backup drive as well. You don't want to purchase cheap disks and then realize that the information can't be retrieved from them either due to poor manufacturing.

Backup And Recovery for Microsoft Windows 2008 Server

It is critical for your company's data protection strategy that you backup Microsoft Windows 2008 Server data regularly and then you do not risk losing important information. Backup and recov

Sasser Worm Spreading

The Sasser worm is spreading on the Internet exploiting the LSASS vulnerability that Microsoft recently released a patch for with Security Bulletin MS04-011

Spyware and Adware Removal Program - Download Software

You know how adware and spyware can affect the way your computer runs. In the worst-case scenario, it can also ruin your life. Adware and spyware are known to slow down computer processes, steal personal information, and crash down computer systems. Learn about the benefits of a spyware and adware r

PC Registry Cleaner Review - Things You Should Know

If you are reading PC registry cleaner review, do not believe everything it says because sometimes it can be one sided; written mainly for promotional purposes on only one brand. Hence, you should try to check if such rating is reliable enough to trust its recommendation. When reading such articles,

A stocking full of coal

Ever wonder what Bill Gates gets for Christmas? This year, the Chinesesecurity firm VenusTech delivered three new Windows exploits just in time for the holidays.