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What Are Subwoofer Boxes For?

Professional speaker boxes that are made specifically for your vehicle will provide stability and protection for your equipment, but will never impede the sound.

How to Install Car Wrap

Car wraps are graphic designs that give your car a unique look. With car wraps, you can customize your own car to fit your own style and stand out from a sea of cars in traffic. Car wraps are also used as an advertising medium for company cars or consumer good manufacturers. Your car can be a mobile

How Do I Remove 1990 Ford F150 Radios?

The full-size Ford F-150 pickup has evolved since 1990 and so, too, have the radios that now come in automobiles. Removing the radio in a 1990 Ford F-150 pickup--whether for repair or upgrade--will take a couple of minutes and can be done with a minimum amount of tools. The radio is secured by four

Nutrisystem Diet Pros Along With Cons

Prepare Purses Will Likely be Very Good Operation ProblemThough teens each of our to are stop your regular workouts from being disrupted. Simple Weight Losing Suggestions to Shoo Those Really AwayThese herbs the victims of unnatural mode of curing this problem.

How to Program a Key Fob on the 1994 Suburban

The 1994 Chevy Suburban offers a number of standard features, including the Chevrolet keyless entry system. You can program the remotes or key fobs for your keyless entry system by yourself with no equipment or experience. You can program as many as four remotes in just a few minutes.

How to Remove A6 Climate Control

The Audi A6's climate control unit includes the controls for the heater, air conditioner and heated seats, if the A6 is equipped with these features. The climate control is attached to the dash mount by a couple of bolts, which makes removing it straightforward. However, in order to access the bolts

How to Program a Honda Civic Remote

Late-model Honda Civics are equipped with keyless entry technology that allows you to control the locks on your car from many feet away by pushing a button on your key chain. If you lose your remote control key fob or need additional remote-control key fobs for your Civic's keyless entry system, you

Tips for Building a Ported Subwoofer Box With an MDF

Subwoofer boxes hold subwoofers.speaker element image by bright from Fotolia.comWhile there are a wide variety of sizes and styles of ported subwoofer boxes, they all share a common construction and common principles. Most important, subwoofer boxes should always be constructed with the...

How to Disable Dodge Dynasty Security

The Dynasty was introduced to the American market to replace Dodge's mid-sized car, the 600. Similar to other domestic vehicles produced in the late 1980s and early 1990s, the Dynasty offered an alarm as an optional feature. The standard factory alarm operated via remote, making it easy to arm and d

How to Program Your 2004 Hyundai Sonata Keyless Entry System

Like most vehicles manufactured in the 2000s, the 2004 Hyundai Sonata is equpped with keyless entry technologies. With a wireless remote programmed to a transmitter within your car, you can control your car's door locks and trunk, and even your panic alarm and engine starter if they are also program

How to Program an Infiniti Key FOB

Infiniti is the luxury division of the Japanese auto manufacturer, Nissan. Infiniti has made a variety of two- and four-door sedans and coupes since its founding in 1989. In the early 2000s, Infiniti began equipping some of its vehicles with a automatic lock system that was operated by a remote cont

How to Reset Keyless Remote Transmitters in a Jeep Grand Cherokee

Among the most popular Jeep brand vehicles of the 1990s, the Grand Cherokee enjoyed a long run, featuring the manufacturer's top technologies and innovations. Among these technologies introduced in the 1990s was the keyless entry remote system. These systems allow drivers to remotely control their v

The Operations Performance Objectives of a Car Audio Supplier

Understanding the operations performance objectives will help the managers to better control the company's performance, and guide the managers to develop the company's sources to be appropriate for the long-term strategy. With a continuous review ...

How to Set the Clock in a Mercedes C230

Mercedes-Benz is a German automaker that has been producing popular luxury vehicles since 1901. Mercedes-Benz C-class series vehicles are entry-level compact executive cars known for their style and performance. In 2004, Mercedes breathed new life into the C-class by releasing the sportier Mercedes

How to Upgrade Your Existing Car Stereo

This article guides the reader about the points that should be kept in mind while attempting to upgrade a car stereo. It provides some basic information about car stereos.

How to Replace the Battery for My 1993 BMW 740il

A car battery will not last the life of the car. It usually will need to be replaced two or three times throughout the life of the vehicle, depending on how long you own it. This will either be due to battery acid leakage or general wear. The 1993 BMW 740iL has a 4-liter eight-cylinder engine that r

The Vantages of Using Car Surveillance Systems

When security becomes an unsure thing, it becomes important to protect your assets from unwanted access or being stolen. In addition, leaving you assets such as car with a new person to drive might not ...