Pregnancy and Chemo a Risky Combo

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Colon and Rectal Cancer: The Myth of 2 Beasts

Dr. David Kerr reviews an 'industrial-strength' genetic report that finds no distinction between colon and rectal cancer. Is this molecular information sufficient to identify new therapeutic targets?

Should You Have a Mastectomy to Prevent Breast Cancer?

Modern women always have a fear of breast cancer. Whilst average woman has around 12% risk of getting affected with breast cancer, others have 85% chance of getting their life troubled with this menace. For women with high risk of breast cancer, fear is very much real, and most of them look to ways

The New Cancer Treatment For Prostate Cancer

The new treatment for prostate cancer has been given an authorization by the Food and Drug Administration of the USA drug regulators have made the decision just recently. The new treatment enables the human in battling prostrate cancer. The medicine is called Provenge which was developed to fight pr

How You Can Avoid Cancer?

How serious is cancer? In the USA alone, it's the second leading causing of death and isn't far behind heart disease. While cancer has become a worldwide epidemic, researchers continue to learn more about this ...

Levels of Malignant Melanoma

Melanoma, according to the American Cancer Society, is the fifth most common cancer. Unfortunately, both the incidence and the mortality rate of this disease are increasing. As of 2008, an individual in the United States has a 1 in 65 lifetime risk of being diagnosed with melanoma. It is more common

Individualized Cancer Survivorship

Dr Kevin Oeffinger, cochair of the 2016 Cancer Survivorship Symposium, outlines an approach to cancer survivorship that tailors care the individual across the oncology/primary care spectrum.

Oncology Services, Oncology Research

<p align="justify">Oncology <p align="justify">Oncology is a branch of medicine that deals with tumors or cancer. It is normally concerned with diagnosis of any type of cancer occurring in a person and therapies including surgery, chemotherapy, ...

Breast Cancer and Attitude

I always wondered if my breast cancer was a result of negative attitude that I had in my life in the past. Your attitude determines your altitude. Your altitude is not determined by your aptitude, but by your attitude.

Definition of Proctitis

What is proctitis? What is the definition of proctitis? Find out more about it here.

High Fiber Food Diet Cuts Risk of Colon Polyps

Want to reduce your risk of colon polyps, commonly seen as a precursor to cancer? Lots of research has looked at broad categories of foods... fruits and veggies for instance, now we have a study that's focusing on specific foods from a high fiber food diet.

The Symptoms of Lung Cancer

With a number of causes, primarily smoking, lung cancer affects millions throughout the world. Its treatment is difficult and only gets more difficult as the cancer develops and spreads, so finding it early is vital. Knowing the symptoms can help to determine the cancer's presence, type, and stage o

How To Detect a Malignant Tumor

Using a laser to identify cancerous cells, the scientists found that patients with breast and prostate cancer had significantly more epithelial cancer cells in their blood than people who are disease free, said Dr. Jonathan Uhr, professor of microbiology and internal medicine and lead author of the

Potential Cell Phone Risks Going Unheeded

Cell phones have become such a necessity... such a part of everyday living that few of us can imagine how we'd manage without them. Surprising then that news last week of a report stating that cell phone risks related to the radiation from cell phones might indeed up the risk of cancer was met

Thyroid Cancer: Surviving the Low-Iodine Diet

For many thyroid cancer patients, a major challenge to overcome is the notorious low-iodine diet. This special eating plan is usually implemented weeks prior to radioactive iodine treatments, which follow a thyroidectomy. The idea is to starve any remaining thyroid cells of iodine so that radioactiv

Abatement of Toxic Fumes When Working With Composites

Any general aviation experimental aircraft builder will tell you that when working with composites and epoxies that if you do not have a complete breathing mask and excellent ventilation that the fumes will get you higher than a kite. And those fumes are doing much more than just getting you high, a