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Winners and Losers From Oil's Price Plummet

The price of oil has seen a slippery descent over the last six months, with Brent Crude plummeting from a June 2014 peak of $115 a barrel to $48.81 as of January 18. As an intrinsic part of modern day life, changes to 'liquid gold' affects everyone from global to consumer levels.

Will Offshore Drilling and ANWR Solve Our Problems?

There are three main heated debates involving energy right now including John McCain's Gasoline Tax Holiday, who is responsible for gasoline prices, and what effect offshore drilling and ANWR (the Arctic National Wildlife Reserve) can have on the United States. I've already covered the McC

Materialism - How Much is Enough?

How materialistic our children have become never ceases to amaze me. Did you ever look at what our children want and desire and how much these things cost? Ed Hardy is making a killing marketing to our kids and so is Michael Jordan with his never ending barrage of new-release Air Jordans. How much i

Have We Hit the Bottom?

The appreciation opportunity will return not long from now and banks are setting their customers up to be able to take advantage of the improvement in the economy five years from now. This article focuses on the advantages purchasing real estate now and how the new loans, being offered by banks, wil

Cash Flow Musings

Now, instead of salesmen, a company can advertise for affiliates, people who can work from home, set up websites and sell the company's products.This costs the company very little, and the affiliate can set up even without a website. True, it's a lot better if he or she has one, but there

Put an End to Boom Or Bust in the Property Market

With the current state of the property market in the UK its clear that these are not good times at all if you are looking to buy or sell your home. House prices falling meaning if you are selling your house you aren't getting as good a return on your investment than say 12 months ago. In the wo

Japan Recession Curbing the Unemployment

Japan is the nation of high determination and strength. It is the only nation which is the victim of nuclear attack and even after such a big blow the people of Japan have united and with their strong mind have come out of that disaster like a very small accident. Thus the people of Japan are suppos

High Crude Oil Prices Raise Prices on Everything

The effects of high crude oil prices are insidiously working their way through the world economy. Because oil is at the core of almost everything we do; any dramatic price shifts are almost immediately reflected in major product segments. From airline ticket prices, to tires, from the price of a gra

Philosophy of the Economy - Marketism Verses Capitalism

With the Globalization and Intellectualization of the Market the "Trickle down" Economics of Capitalism cannot provide functional system for long term economic development; by shady business practices promoting mostly big businesses, by ideologically motivated system for wealth distributio

The True Meaning of Serial Numbers - Economic Value and Ownership

Everything in our world today revolves around commerce and economic value.Have you ever noticed that serial numbers are on EVERYTHING!: Dollar bills, your bank account, your car (VIN), traffic tickets.Even YOU have been serialized by your birth certificate, driver's license, SSN card etc.Practi

The After Effects Of The Great Depression

The downfall of the Lehman Brothers may just be the omen of a major economic crisis. We may very well witness the very beginning of the end of the United States of America.

THE SEZ's: The Fire Continues to Burn

The Indian government has approved proposals for 180 special economic zones (SEZs) with an idea that it would invite foreign direct investment, provide jobs, and promote the development of secondary industries to service firms. If SEZs were so beneficial then why this huge protest in many parts of t

It's Not All Bad Out There - Bad Feelings May Bring Good Tidings

Investor sentiment about economy and the market is eerily reminiscent of those evil days of 2008. Even Johnny Carson's Carnac the Magnificent would be having trouble reading this economy. No one feels good about what's going on right now, and between the Euro crisis, our stagnant economy w